Welcome to WordPress, Wendy!

15 10 2008

I’ve been eyeing wordpress for awhile, and when I read on my friend Linda’s blog about Google’s support of opposing Proposition 8 in California, well, I guess it was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. (Ironically enough, I Googled it to make sure the facts were straight. Rats. Time to find a new search engine.)

So–I’m a little daunted. WordPress is new to me, I don’t know how to work the features, and I was worried it would be a big pain switching everything over. It wasn’t–huzzah! (I even remember how to do it: Manage–Import. Ta-da!) Let’s try adding a picture:

I’ll keep my other blog open for, I don’t know, a week or so while I’m figuring everything out. Here’s to learning curves!





3 responses

15 10 2008

Way to take a stand! I admire your conviction.

15 10 2008

I found you! Looks great!

17 10 2008

Oh… so…. yeah. I’ll go delete that other comment on your blogger blog. (heehee)

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