19 10 2008

I’m almost ready to delete my blogger blog and account, but I have a little fear. I’ve imported everything and brought it over here, but I’m worried that once I delete my old account, all of the old stuff will disappear from my new blog. That wouldn’t happen, would it?

If anyone has experience in this matter, please let me know. Thanks.



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19 10 2008

Hi Wendy, I honestly don’t know – I left my blogger account active with a link on it to my wordpress site in case someone stumbled across blogger onto wordpress. I am fairly certain though that it will not delete you stuff.

If you look in your dashboard and go to manage posts you will see each of your posts (old and new) included. I believe when it converts your posts it saves them into wordpress. so you would be safe to delete. But, I haven’t done that. I probably should – I just never got around to it.

20 10 2008
Linda Adams

WordPress copies your posts over – so there shouldn’t be any way that deleting them would be a problem.
However, leaving it up for a while with a note that “I’ve moved, please update your links” would not be a bad idea.

It’s virtually impossible to not use Google in one form or another – there will be other blogs to visit, YouTube videos to watch… but it’s good to see you out here. 🙂 Mine will be up shortly, too.

20 10 2008
Candice Rail

You have to let us know how you feel about WordPress. I have contemplated making the leap, and want to know the benefits. Your site is beautiful, by the way.

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