21 10 2008

I got home from orchestra tonight, and Stan told me Rainbow was still awake. “She said it hurts her heart when you’re gone,” he told me.

Thanks, sweetie. It’s nice to love and be loved.

Now go to sleep.



3 responses

22 10 2008

That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. Your pictures and stories are wonderful. I love you blog.

23 10 2008
Candice Rail

To love like that and be loved like that. I knew you both in High School and I am not surprised.

24 10 2008

Ok – the sad part it that my first reaction was “Oh no!” not that she said it, but the heart hurting part, then I realized what she meant. The pitfalls of being a mom to a child with a heart defect. heh. Anyway, that is the sweetest thing.

On a side note – you play in an orchestra? What do you play? I am a French horn player (plus other things) myself, though my schedule isn’t allowing for our community orchestra right now, at some point I will join back up.

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