Sunshine–blessed sunshine

21 10 2008

Rainy season has begun.

I’ve tried to trick myself into believing it isn’t really here, but recent downpours have mocked my efforts.

Not that I mind the rain. I don’t. If I minded it, we’d need to move because it rains a lot here.

However, there is a point that occurs in mid-February or early March when one begins to think liking rain is all well and good, but enough is enough. Of course it isn’t mid-February or early March, so what in the crazy am I talking about?

The sun is shining today. We’ve had a rainy/wet block of time the past little bit and I’m just grateful. I don’t mind the rain, but I don’t think I’m quite ready for it, either.

We got to play outside after school. It was lovely.

Can you tell how fast he’s going in this picture? Colby cooks on that walker.

A close call, to be sure.

When he’s had enough walking, Colby cruises along the curb line. The kid digs following lines; his favorite place is the gymnasium (sorry–cultural hall) at church. He’ll crawl and laugh for as long as we’ll let him.

Heading home from the mailbox, I saw this:

Looks like mischief.


Ala peanut butter sandwiches!

I’d venture it was the best dollar he’s ever spent. (For FHE last night, we went to the dollar store with our allowances.)

Another reason I’m not ready for the rain: crawling Colby. Today I’m feeling so, so grateful. I’m just so blessed.

My little piece of heaven–




5 responses

21 10 2008
Candice Rail

It is so pretty. Look at the trees! And your neighborhood looks so nice. We do not have many children in our neighborhood…or big trees…or yards. It is definitely the city.

I love these pictures: especially of your darling children.

21 10 2008


21 10 2008

What a great post. I’ve been feeling the same way (though I haven’t yet experienced Seattle’s Feb-March). We definately enjoyed the sun too! And I think we’ll be heading to the dollar store, I know a boy that would love that magic set!

22 10 2008

I love the picture of Colby barreling down the sidewalk and the other two getting out of his way!

24 10 2008

Your such a good photog.. It looks like art or something.

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