Could you possibly want to know any more random facts about me?

25 10 2008

I was tagged by my friend Christina. I think it’s pretty much the same tag I did about a month ago, but with better graphics:

There are all sorts of random bits of information about me, but I don’t know if there’s really a market for it. Nevertheless, I’ll do it anyway:

1. I dislike the word “moist”. (I’m not so sure about sharing this one, as I know my brothers–see last weird facts post about me for more information–will undoubtedly find ways to include it in any and every future conversation.) I’m not entirely sure why it bothers me, but the whole shape my mouth makes (not to mention that ‘moi’ sound) just bugs.

2. I read, on average, three books a week. This is one reason my house isn’t reaching its maximum cleanliness quotient.

3. I want to take ballet.

4. One of my favorite shows is the cartoon “Phineas and Ferb” on the Disney Channel. Wacky and hilarious.

5. I organize my husband’s sock drawer.

6. I’m attempting to teach myself how to play the guitar using a book/CD/DVD set I bought at Costco entitled: “The Complete Absolute Beginners Guitar Course”. I’m not very good so far (my fingers hurt) but I can successfully tune the instrument and play three chords. Just not quickly.

7. I like potato chips more than I like chocolate.


Good enough? Since I already tagged a bunch of people for this, I think I’ve done my blog tagging duty. Have a nice day, everybody.



4 responses

25 10 2008

I don’t like moist either! Let’s just get rid of that word!

31 10 2008

LOL! I love your weirdness. And, hey, I wanna take ballet, too! I’m rethinking my priorities now… The house has been much cleaner lately, but I haven’t ready *any* books this week. Or last. I think my priorities might be messed up. 🙂

3 11 2008

I love ballet and I have always wanted to take a class but who has the time or the money! I feel girly admitting this….is that bad? One last thought, my thighs in pink tights. Now that is a deterent.

4 11 2008

I can’t believe you can read 3 books a week! I knew you were a fast reader but in the words of Bostonians – that is wicked fast. Ballet huh? Did Shelley’s Little Mermaid program not give you enough dancing to last ya through motherhood?

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