To do list:

25 10 2008

This week, I need to:

  1. Survive the Primary program tomorrow (that second verse of “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus” always gets mingled with the third verse for some reason–and if I sing it wrong, all of the kids do, too!)
  2. Write a talk for (hopefully) one of my children to give during Primary tomorrow (as of this evening, they were all refusing)
  3. Sew two mermaid costumes before Halloween (already cut out, thank goodness)
  4. Find top hat, bow tie, and white gloves for Zack’s magician costume (switched from Herbie, THANK GOODNESS)
  5. Decide if I’m going to orchestra or book club on Tuesday (need to read the book first)
  6. Figure out what we can do to make Stan’s birthday on Wednesday extra-special (because he wants to skip it)
  7. Wrap Stan’s birthday presents (already have one; considering letting the kids each get him something from the dollar store)
  8. Make something delicious for my wonderful neighbor whose birthday is also on Wednesday (I’m her visiting teacher)
  9. Go on field trip Wednesday with Eden’s class
  10. Pay property taxes (ugh) on time so we don’t have to pay a late fee (happened a couple of years ago)
  11. Renew tabs for both cars (double ugh)
  12. Buy Halloween candy
  13. Make dentist appointments (just kidding–I already did that)
  14. Instead, take kids to dentist office on Saturday for the Halloween candy buy-back: $2 a pound!
  15. Oh–we still need to go to the pumpkin patch! (Not to mention carve them). Man, when are we going to do that?

Where did October go?



7 responses

26 10 2008

That is quite the list! I can’t believe you have a dentist that will buy your candy. I guess our dentist buys our candy too (or actually trades it for toys) but it isn’t as great as a deal when the money comes out of our account!

26 10 2008

$2 a pound…that’s pretty good.

Also the $ store dad gift could be really funny…let us know what they come up with.

26 10 2008
Candice Rail

Hey, Supermom. Most of those just mean you go above and beyond for your family.

I love your dentist.

26 10 2008

Hey. Someone posted this on the Tacoma cummunity at LiveJournal, where I do my ‘not for show’ blogging. It’s info on a discount health/natural foods store in Tacoma. I thought of you and figured I’d pass the info on.

26 10 2008

Thanks, Rae. I’ll have to check it out–gluten-free is definitely hard on the pocketbook.

27 10 2008

Ha Ha that’s funny the same things happens in our primary with the same song on the same line. Maybe it’s a writing flaw. Like a tong twister only in this case like a remebering twister. Love it. Every week I watch our music director stuble on that one in practice for the primary program.. Too funny.

30 10 2008

Okay, things to do THIS week
1. Pat yourself on the back for a great primary program
2. Your kids love you, Emily is very excited about being a mermaid (she won’t know if the costume if perfect)
3. Sit with your feet up for 15 minutes today and breath
4. Update your blog after halloween…;-)

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