Field Trip to a Farm

2 11 2008

Eden’s class went to a farm the local museum has been restoring, and I was able to tag along. The farm is over 100 years old, and they’ve restored the barn and the house (although the house isn’t quite finished, so we weren’t able to go inside). The barn reminded me a lot of my grandpa’s old barn (which I think was 100 years old or so, before a big wind blew it down) and so I took a lot of pictures of it, just for memory’s sake. Another picture gallery, coming at you:

Hooray for farmers and first grade teachers!

From Patch to Porch

2 11 2008

What’s better than a trip to the pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins for Family Home Evening?

Nothing, according to my kids. (If you ask me–and nobody did–there would be some sort of spiritual message that the kids would remember always. It’s a nice thought.)

Here is our week before Halloween FHE in pictures:

Apologies for the number of photos, but each child must be showcased equally. It’s only fair.

Dear Blog, I’ve Missed You.

2 11 2008

I’m beginning to think I have a little bit of an obsession going on.  Last week, while I was busy working most nights at the mermaid costume sweatshop (and I’m not kidding when I say I have a new appreciation for workers in the textile and garment industries), I couldn’t stop thinking about my blog.




I enjoy sewing (in moderation), but I found out this week that I’d much rather be blogging.

Why is that, do you think? Why has blogging become my new obsession?

I like writing–that’s nothing new–and I also like taking photographs, so a blog seems like a perfect marriage between two things I enjoy. However, I think the realreason I like blogging so much is the sense of connectedness it gives me. I can see what friends are doing and how big their kids are getting even when they’ve moved far away. I have “found” old friends and have been delighted seeing where their lives have ended up. I’ve been touched by the stories of strangers. And one of the things I like the best are the conversations.

Heads up to all of you out there–you’re really missing out on half of the joy of blogging when you don’t comment and participate in the blogging conversations going on. Seriously.

Now, I must go and find something to feed my starving family. But stayed tuned in the next few days for re-caps of last week: the pumpkin patch, the field trip to the farm, Stan’s 34th birthday, the yields of a mermaid costume sweatshop, and Halloween. Reams of excitement headed your way.