Halloween Photos at last–

4 11 2008

dsc_0009Here we are, on Halloween night. We don’t quite have everybody’s attention in the picture, but it was the best of the bunch.


“Look, Mom! No eyes!” Colby really started taking off with his walking on about Thursday. We were in JoAnn Fabrics and I set him down while talking to my mom on the phone about sewing machine needles (who knew they came in so many varieties?). He went around ten steps without falling. Up until then, he’d only been going about four. It’s been a long road and I have to admit to getting teary-eyed several times over the weekend when he’d walk alone.

We ended up trick-or-treating around the neighborhood and skipping the ward trunk-or-treat (which I now feel guilty about). Still, the kids had fun and got plenty of candy: Zack sold most of his to the dentist the next day and got $5. Rainbow ate 1/3 of hers and ended up with $3. Eden ate all of her candy, but she still has the most money because she saves her allowance.

I apologize for being such a baby about the mermaid costumes–really, you shouldn’t have to hear me complain on my blog. Here’s what happened: I’m not a seamstress. I like to sew, but mostly stuff that won’t be looked at too closely, like clothes, for example. Costumes are good for me because no one expects them to be entirely normal.

Last year, I made the girls some really fun and twirly princess dresses. That’s what they asked to be months before Halloween rolled around, and I obliged. I think I finished those dresses in either August or September. In the manner of fickle children everywhere, they changed their minds and didn’t even want to wear the dresses. (Rainbow ended up being an ice cream cone, if you can believe it, and I convinced Eden to wear hers in order to be a princess cat. Also, I can totally commiserate with all of those moms that forced their kids to be Rainbow Brite after the dance festival when I was a kid–if you’re going to spend that much time sewing something, it is going to be worn no matter what.) Zack changed his mind this year, but it was a good change: from a magician to a rock star. We already had all of the stuff. (Although I ended up carrying the electric guitar most of the night. Rainbow kept telling people I was a rock star doctor).

This year, I thought I’d not give them the chance to change their minds. If I didn’t make the costumes too early, they’d be alight with anticipation, right?


Unfortunately, I didn’t factor in the added stress of trying to finish the costumes when the deadline loomed ahead like a brick wall. I sewed during almost every spare (read: naptime and bedtime) minute the entire week before Halloween. I finished at about 4:30 on Halloween afternoon.

Live and learn, though, right?

At about 3, I realized I could have saved myself a lot of hardship by simply buying costumes from a store like a normal person. We’ll see how well I learned this lesson in, oh, about a year.

But until then, may I respectfully present two of the cutest mermaids ever to abandon the ocean for the earth:dsc_00191

Here they are, sleeping in their, um, mermaid beds.


Almost blinded by their loveliness–or is it the sparkles?


These pictures were actually taken on Sunday, so I don’t suppose I need to worry about getting the full use out of the costumes; we like to dress up at our house . . .




13 responses

4 11 2008

SOOOO cute! You rock as a seamstress, don’t sell yourself short! I still remember back to making my Zach a Woody costume after looking at the cowboy vest you had made…man that seems like years ago! The kids look great!

4 11 2008

Those costumes are soooo cute. I love them.

4 11 2008
Candice Rail

Great job! I am very impressed with you as a seamstress. Also congratulations on your little one walking. Wow. That is wonderful.

I remember the torture that all of the mothers in Rexburg went through while sewing the Rainbow Brite costumes. My Mom sewed two, and we wore them halloween after halloween for years. My sister even used it for her Jr. High Studentbody officer campaign skit.

Last but not least, happy birthday to Stan. I cannot believe we are so old, but look so darned good.

4 11 2008

I love the Mermaid costumes!! Your sewing skills are far above what you make them out to be.

4 11 2008

Hooray for Colby walking and hooray for your sewing skills! Holy cow–those are some amazing costumes. I am very impressed.

4 11 2008

Love the costumes. You make me feel like a neglectful mom because I bought my daughters. Actually it was a gift from a grandparent and we re-hashed it into a Tinkerbell costume. The mermaids were much more impressive.

4 11 2008

They turned out great!!

4 11 2008

The costumes look great. I think you underestimate your sewing skill. I would never make something that complicated just for Halloween. But you know how much I love, love, love Halloween! The kids look so cute. Wish they could have come here to trick or treat.

4 11 2008
Jefe Anonymous

Cool costumes. I’m really more intrigued by moniquel319’s comment–she BOUGHT her children? Is she buying more? I’ve got a couple of cute and precocious ones who are just about ripe for selling.


5 11 2008

So happy about Colby, that is awesome!
The mermaids turned out great! Seriously, you have sewing skills.
I kept hoping Everett would change his mind, his ninja costume was a bit too short (I bought it 90% off the year before) and since it was a 1 piece, it kept riding, after realizing he wouldn’t change his mind I added some fabric to the middle section…

5 11 2008

Typing with one hand stinks, but I can’t put the baby down.
Oh, wait. This is supposed to be about you. 😉 And the fabulous mermaids. Wow!!!! Love it. Seriously. Most awesome mermaid costumes ever. Here’s hoping next year the get worn again! 🙂

I remember being SO royally bummed that Cinderella wouldn’t be matching ewoks with D… But 2 years later, all that hard work ain’t been i vain for nothing.

7 11 2008

HOLY COW, you’re a ‘killer-sewer’ – those are amazing! Your kids are ADORABLE – and you’re a great mommy . . . must have been all those lessons in Young Womens ! ! ! haha. Honestly, I love dropping in and seeing how you’re doing. Keep up the GREAT, AMAZING work and I’m LOVIN’ your pictures – great talent also.

7 11 2008

I am speechless over those costumes. Madeline would have flipped out COMPLETELY for a lil’ Mermaid costume. You sure have come a long way from sewing in 4-H. You went past, I’m still at about that 4-H level.

I was just telling our neighborhood girls how all of Rexburg was Rainbow Brite for like 3 years straight. They said, “Who’s Rainbow Brite?” We’re getting so old . . . and I can say “we’re” because you will always be older.

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