Salute to a Good Year

6 11 2008

Today is my oldest brother’s birthday. I took this picture a couple of months ago with him in mind. “Won’t that make a great birthday card?” I thought to myself.

dsc_0015I found out, oh, about a month ago, though, that I’m a year off. Drat.

Greg turned 37 today.

So, happy birthday, Greg! Wasn’t last year great? I’m sure you’ll always remember year 36. Thanks for always being the responsible one. Love you!




5 responses

6 11 2008

You are so funny! Besides, I’m sure once you pass 35 any number will work, right? (I can say that only because we are barely 3 years apart from that!)

7 11 2008
Candice Rail

That is so funny! Save it for the class of ’93 in two years. They will all be thrilled with how cool the card is.

7 11 2008
Rachel R

oh brother wendy. all you had to do was hint at your maiden name, at your good stock and the idea of “creepiness” would have vanished completely!

good to see you on the world wide web. cute kids!!! i need your email address.

7 11 2008

Wendy Loo…A few years back I decided I should throw a big surprise party for my husband who was turning 30. Four of five days before his b-day I realized that he was turning 31. I can’t believe I have to math out my birthday every year (what year is it? [minus] year I was born = my age). Gone are the days when you proudly exclaimed “I’m 14 and three-quarters”.

9 11 2008

Nice save!

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