Pictures of the Family

17 11 2008

I haven’t had a camera for a week, so my posts have been pretty boring visually. I wanted to link to our family pictures awhile ago, but I didn’t want to spoil the Christmas gifts for those of you who are getting the limited edition Jones Family Refrigerator Magnets this year. I decided, however, that you’ll just have to act surprised when you open them, okay? Okay.

My friend Tami is a wonderful photographer, and she took these for us before the rainy season started. Peruse and enjoy: here’s the link. And here’s a preview:





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17 11 2008

You have a lovely family. I tried to do pictures this year too. However my daughter decided that the last thing on earth that she wanted to do was have her picture taken. So two hours and 450 pictures later we came up with one that was ok. So now we are going with the exceptionally original idea of framing it and giving it away to the family for Christmas. Sound famliar? All your children are very cute. And the picture is wonderful. Cant say the same for my own.

17 11 2008

I love them. I especially love the idea of the one-on-one parent & kid pictures. They will love having that as they get older. Your family is beautiful and you look amazing!

17 11 2008

These turned out so great!
Oh, and glad the gypsy jazz was so great too!

17 11 2008

I loved the one-on-one parent/kid idea too. Gotta love Tami. How in the world did you keep them all from going nuts while the picture-taking was going on?! We just had ours taken by mi madre… and… it was fun. Let’s hope she has the same head-cropping skills she used for last year’s!

17 11 2008
La Mujer Loca

Love your family photo. Everyone is so beautiful.

Steph (ANWA chick)

18 11 2008

Very cute! I especially love the Stan/Zach combo. I really like the other family photo too, where Emily has her arms folded in the front. See you next week!

18 11 2008
Candice Rail

Wow, look at those huge trees. Trees did not get like that in Idaho. It is like you live in Forks, WA (think Twighlight series).

Your family is gorgeous, by the way.

19 11 2008

Oh my goodness! Those pictures are AMAZING! Ya’ll are so photogenic! I love it and we love you!

21 11 2008

Those are great pictures!! Many to keep for when you have smart teenagers who don’t like you anymore! I like the idea of the parents individually with each child. I love the color of your hair, by the way.

22 11 2008
Mrs. Olsen

Wendy and “Stan”
My how you’ve grown, yet you’re not aging. I can’t believe how big your kids are. What a cute family you have.

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