Saying a Prayer (or two)

24 11 2008

We’ve had an interesting day in the Jones household. Rainbow tripped over Zack’s hand last night while they were messing around, and she still wasn’t putting any weight on it this morning. After visiting the doctor and getting x-rayed, we found out it was broken. (Pictures of her and her purple cast to come!)

Anyway, amid all the everything going on today, I had this idea for Family Home Evening. We own the game “Cranium”, and Zack has wanted to play it for a long time. There are a lot of pop culture references (not to mention spelling backwards) that the kids completely would not get, but still they want to play. I realized all the activities in Cranium could be done with a gospel twist (which, you know, is kind of like a twist of lime in how it makes things zestier and more exciting). I spent about an hour writing questions and other stuff on the kids’ level so we could finally play Cranium together and even possibly learn something in the process. (Looking back, I probably made it too easy. Stan did learn how to spell immersion, though.)

This was supposed to be a short story. Sorry.

We finished playing the game, with the entire family reaching Cranium-heaven. Rainbow was called upon to say the closing prayer. Recently, she asks for help whenever this occurs, in spite of the fact that she’s been praying since about age three. But whatever.

“Whisper it in my ear, Mom.”

I whispered, “Thank thee that we could play such an awesome game for home evening.”

None of the kids got it.

Stan started laughing, though. Really hard. We had to stop for a minute to compose ourselves. (Breathe in. Breathe out.)

We began again. This time I was serious. We were grateful for a lot of things, like our family and the gospel and temples and home evening (no mention of the game this time). And then we asked for blessings on a lot of things, like Grandma and sleeping and Rainbow’s foot and–

Right here, Zack leaned in close to me and whispered, “That’s enough, Mom.”

We finished the prayer.

I guess that could almost be considered three prayers, couldn’t it?

The Place Where There Are A Lot Of Hams

24 11 2008

Stan had business in Memphis all last week. We really missed him (especially me). Things had been clipping along at a barely contained simmer for awhile when I decided it was time for a mini-vacation. We took off Thursday afternoon for Bellingham–as Rainbow said, “This must be the place where there are a lot of hams.”

Actually, we didn’t see any hams at all. We really just went up to visit my friend Elizabeth.

But before we saw her, we got to stay in a hotel. The kids were ecstatic.


That’s right–a king-sized bed. Oh, baby–living the high life! I haven’t really wanted a king-sized bed before (especially as I just bought new linens this year) and Stan and I are on the smallish size ourselves. However, when kids climb into bed with you . . . well, let’s just say I’m reconsidering. Besides, king-sized sheets are always on sale. Anyway . . .

I found the hotel online for what I thought was a pretty good deal. Then I noticed the next entry was a king suite with a Jacuzzi tub for only ten dollars more. I was happy to pay the extra $10 and get out of putting my swimsuit on. The kids were happy to swim in the room. It was a win-win.


See the joy:


The next morning after breakfast in the lobby, I told the kids they could get back in the Jacuzzi (Zack kept calling it the “Jazzuki”) while I packed everything up. After turning on the water, I started gathering the bathroom items to put away when I noticed a small bottle of bath and shower gel I had thrown in. “Should we add some bubbles?” I said. Really, though, did I even need to ask?


I headed out of the bathroom and began getting things together and getting Colby dressed. About five minutes later, Eden called out, “Mom, would you come and turn off the jets, please?”

“Just a minute–I’m putting on Colby’s shoes.”

A minute or so passed.

Eden called out again, a little frantic this time, “Mom, please come and turn off the jets! The bubbles are overflowing!”


Sure enough, the jets had given those bubbles a mind of their own, ala Brady Bunch.



WAY more fun than the pool, right?

It took longer to get packed and get the bubbles under control than I expected, but that’s what is so great about a mini-vacation: no schedule. So we took our time and followed my mapquest instructions to Elizabeth’s place.

Here we are, invading/overwhelming her apartment:


Note Colby on the right hand side, screaming his head off. Elizabeth’s mom held him while I took the photo. He doesn’t take too kindly to strangers, that one. Also note the giant exercise ball; all I’m going to say is it’s lucky Elizabeth only keeps viola music stashed in the corner and not expensive vases.

Here’s one where we’ve got a little more camera attention:


She lives in this great old building in downtown Bellingham. Someday, I’d like to walk around and just take photos–but this was NOT that day. Colby, as you can see, was not in the best of spirits. The older kids were really excited to meet Elizabeth and see the pictures they drew for her hanging proudly on her door. Elizabeth even drew some pictures for them, which they were also excited about. We love you, E!