Fourth Picture in the Fourth Folder

30 11 2008
I was tagged by my friend Mandy to post the fourth picture in the fourth folder. I wasn’t sure if that meant the fourth from the bottom or the fourth from the top, so I’m posting both.

I also had a hard time getting this to work with my laptop, and now it’s entirely out of commission.  (Superstan is fixing that for me this week if he has the chance. And after the part gets here from Singapore. Details.) All this means is that there are two different pictures than originally planned.

This is my brother. He's tough.

This is my brother. You can see from this picture how tough he is. This picture is from the folder fourth from the bottom, even though it wasn’t very long ago. Who knows what’s going on with my picture organization.


This is Rainbow at Kids’ Day–check out that arm! Even though this was back in June, I’ve been uploading everything to my laptop since I got it. Hence, the fourth picture in the fourth folder from the top.

I’m not even sure why I threw this post in here now. I have a lot of pictures and stories from Thanksgiving (including a great one that is eerily similar to this), but I guess this was just an easy out. Possibly more later, depending on if I can get my kids to go to sleep.

(And now I’ve just looked at it and the formatting is all crazy. Rats. Maybe I’ll fix that later, too.)




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