The Purple Cast that Wasn’t

30 11 2008

Rainbow did indeed break her foot last Sunday, and I also promised to post a photo of her in her purple cast. Here it is:

20081129_d200_08880As you can see, it isn’t very purple. It also isn’t very cast-y. Stan took her in to the orthopedic’s office the next morning, and they decided that splinting would be sufficient. Hooray! We love baths around here. (You remember the Bellingham Brady Bunch Bubble Bath fiasco, right?) It should also heal faster than six weeks–probably in two to three, as a matter of fact. Double hooray! Currently, she’s crawling around and being carried, along with using Colby’s walker (since he’s not using it anymore–triple hooray! [This post is so full of cheer!])

Special thanks to Roberto, my brother-in-law, who took this great picture. I’ve got a few more of them up my sleeve, too. But it’ll have to wait. We’ve got to ratchet down from party mode and get some rest–it’s back to work tomorrow. (Sorry. No hoorays.)



One response

1 12 2008
Candice Rail

That picture is priceless. Go Roberto! It is seriously the best picture with that wonderful cast. Every child needs a good cast picture (I never had one, but wanted it).

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