Days of Gratitude: One

1 12 2008

(Thanks to Kari for the idea in the first place.)

Originally, I had planned on doing a gratitude moment every day in November–you know, to go along with Thanksgiving and all. However, seeing as how I didn’t really get myself in gear soon enough, I decided to put it off until December. Every day this month, I’m going to try and post one thing that I am especially grateful for that day.

Christmas Carols

We put the tree up tonight, with the music turned up loud in the other room so we could hear it.


The kids love putting ornaments on the tree. We have a kind of eclectic mix; half are Hallmark ornaments (since I used to work there in my pre-children era) and half of those are broken, missing arms or legs or what-have-you (since nothing says “Christmas” like a one-armed Hans Solo), and the other half are homemade. The kids always want colored lights, and I always want white–so we generally do half and half.


This year, only 2/3 of the colored lights worked, so we have a (rather large) bald spot right in the middle. I may or may not remedy that, depending on time constraints in the future. It really kind of goes with our overall “Christmas Crazy” theme.


I broke from tradition by giving the kids their Christmas pajamas tonight instead of waiting until Christmas Eve–Zack is never thrilled by opening pajamas as apresent anyway. (I think he cried last year. I have since been informed–multiple times–“Clothes are not presents.”) So the kids all got in their Christmas pjs and we snuggled down in front of the crazy tree with our “24 Days of Christmas” book. (You know the one–you made it in Enrichment Meeting about 10 years ago and you drag it out every year with the best intentions but only actually read three of the stories in it. That one. But, hey–it’s only the first! We’re right on track!)

We sat in the glow of the Christmas lights and sang “Angels We Have Heard on High”. That is both Zack and Rainbow’s favorite Christmas song, and all three sang right out as we “Gloria-ed” through the three verses.

It was wonderful.

I love Christmas carols.




4 responses

2 12 2008

Beautiful. I love it.
And hey! I broke tradition today, too, by giving my kids their Christmas PJs on Dec1… Except that I haven’t done the Christmas PJs before with them, so it hardly counts as a tradition.
Anyway. Merry Christmas!!!

2 12 2008

I love carols too. I married the world’s biggest Christmas music fan. We have it playing almost nonstop from Thanksgiving morning (no sooner) ’til Christmas.

I love the colored lights and the broken and homemade ornaments. Memories memories. I would not expect anything less than colored lights from your colorful family.

2 12 2008


2 12 2008

I might be giving the Christmas jammies early too…that’s not a bad idea! More use out of them! And why do kids love colored lights so much(kind of a silly question huh)? We made a deal and do colored on the house and white on the tree.

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