Days of Gratitude: Two

2 12 2008


I realize that this is similar to yesterday, but pretty much the only other thing we did today was go to the dentist. We’re grateful for dentists, sure–just not that grateful. (Sorry, Sam.)

I had my orchestra concert tonight. Stan braved coming with all four kids all by himself. I was worried about him; he doesn’t get the chance to take the kids places by himself very often. I get to bring them to church alone every week, but we have a saint (I’m not joking–she is truly, truly a saint) that sits with us and pretty much keeps me active in the Church. But anyway, I bought the kids each a little notebook today and an eight pack of crayons so they had something new to do. I gathered several of Colby’s favorite books and quiet toys to make sure Stan had ample options for change-up. Still, I worried.

I shouldn’t have.

Get this–they came to the concert and listened.

That’s right.

Listened to instrumental music and didn’t even crack the notebooks. Even Colby listened.

Do you know what this tells me? (I already knew it, but I sort of forgot.) Music is powerful. I’m so grateful for music.

(It also tells me we should have a lot more music in Sacrament Meeting. Like, an hour’s worth.)

When we got home, the kids got their notebooks out and started drawing. Eden drew me a wreath on a door, and on the back she wrote this:

“We went to mom’s consrt It wuz’t very lan.”

Translated, it says:

“We went to Mom’s concert. It wasn’t very long.”

Which maybe was all that could be said about it. But it was fun anyway.