Thanksgiving Revisited

3 12 2008

To start this off, I wanted to post a poem Eden wrote at school:


Please take special note, Dina, that you made the list. Congratulations! (I suppose it could have meant any of her “ante”s, except that you’re the one we see at Thanksgiving, so I’m pretty sure it’s you.)

We definitely did have a nice time, a vere nice time this Thanksgiving. We headed out Wednesday night for Portland. Stan said (as we pulled out at 6:30-ish), “Are you sure you don’t want to just go in the morning?”

I thought of the kids, who had been “helping” me get everything packed since they barreled in from school at 1:30, I thought of Thanksgiving dinner plans that wouldn’t work quite as well if we were driving in the car, I thought of last year when the ride down was a breeze. “Nah. Let’s just go.”

So we did, and Stan unfortunately took my advice on heading straight to I-5 instead of following his instincts (which involved 167 and 512 [in case you were wondering, you say those “one-six-seven” and “five-twelve”], and because I try hard not to switch around highways too much it sounded complicated to me). I-5 was a parking lot. I am not even exaggerating a little bit. We inched along. The kids kept asking, “Are we in Oregon yet?” I kept answering, “Nope. We aren’t even past Tacoma.”

The parking lot issue wasn’t entirely my fault (as most things are) because once we got past a huge wreck (an hour later) things went pretty fast. We made it to Stan’s brother, Roberto’s, house at about 10:30. The kids were actually pretty good, tip-toeing inside and bedding right down. I think that’s the only night we didn’t hear a peep from them. Stan and I stayed up for another hour with Roberto and Dina, chatting and laughing. There’s just nothing like family, is there?


This turkey was made at school by Eden, and carefully placed on the table the next morning, Thanksgiving.


R & D were fabulous hosts, as usual. We lounged around, the kids played, and all was happiness.


Zack was pretty much in heaven all weekend. With three boy cousins (ages 10, 6, and 6) he never lacked a body to play video games with. He bounced from the Wii to the Game Cube to the computer and seemed happy where ever he was (shown here with his cousin Andrew). I turned down my nag-o-meter to (almost) zero and tried hard not to bug him. I finally made him go to the park with all the kids on Saturday, and he had fun there, too.


I’m not even sure what was going on in this picture, but Alex was laughing uproariously at something Eden was doing with the dogs.


While the girls each took turns playing video games, they were much more into playing with the stuffed animals and other toys with whomever wasn’t currently electronically engaged.


This is Stan, with fake smile, saying, “Really, you don’t need to take any more pictures of me.” Truthfully, I’d just get visiting and playing games and forget to take pictures all together. These last few I ran around snapping quickly so I could get back to grazing on appetizers and talking. I did take several of Stan in that very chair, but the light was bad so I had to take them again.

Dina and I realized that for some reason we were really relaxed this Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t think we ever figured out why, but the hectic-ness wasn’t around at all until about 30 minutes before showtime. Then things got a little frantic, but not stressful. Dinner was delicious, and I still have most of the people fooled that I make good orange rolls. (The ones who aren’t fooled are the ones who have had my mom’s orange rolls. Mine are weak imitations. But don’t go spreading that around.)

The men took care of the dishes (although Dina somehow sneaked back in there) while we digested, and then the ladies (Dina, her sister-in-law [not me], my 13-year-old niece, and I [that’s me]) went to the movie Twilight while the men watched the kids (9 of them 10 and under), cleaned the house (which had been a free-for-all while we cooked), and got everyone set for bed. Wow! Dads make the best babysitters.

I enjoyed the movie but didn’t love it. Obviously, the book is better (because, seriously, is there ever a movie that’s better than the book upon which it’s based? Tell me, please, because I can’t think of a single one). And I didn’t love Edward in the movie (hello? His hair?) and I did in the book. There were also other inconsistencies (since, you know, I’m a total expert on vampires), but it’s a fun show. The scenery was spectacular, and I’m not just saying that because I live in Washington and it actually looks like that (even though it does.) It really was a great post-Thanksgiving feast outing. (On a side note, I thought it was a little insane that even though I was stuffed to the gills, I still craved popcorn as soon as I smelled it.)

The rest of the weekend was filled with more of the same–talking, laughing, playing, and video-gaming. Stan and Roberto got up early (but not TOO early) to shop on Friday and found a few things. My sweet niece and her friend watched all the kids that night so the adults could go out to dinner. Colby, apparently, cried pretty much the entire time we were gone. Poor kid. Poor babysitters.

That night after the kids were in bed, Roberto showed off Stan’s wicked skills at 80s Name-That-Tune. Dina and I would occasionally (very occasionally) chime in, but Stan is amazing. One or two bars, and then he was saying, ” ‘Back For More’–Ratt.” Seriously. There’s got to be money to be made in this somehow. We laughed and re-lived great moments listening to cassette tapes until around midnight.

Saturday we were scheduled to drive home, but we kept putting it off and putting it off. Roberto was kind enough to take pictures of my kids, which is always interesting, if not a challenge. Here are a few samples:


The biggest problem was getting Colby to sit there; we’d get everyone posed, then I’d try and throw him in and hope for the best. Of course, once he was sitting there, it was exasperating that Zack was suddenly looking through his legs. Can’t win.


“This is SO much fun.”


Crazy break.


Got one! Wasn’t that totally worth the 60 other shots we had to take? (Correct answer: yes.)


Eden and her stuffed dog, Browny.


Cutie Rainbow.


I didn’t realize the J.C. Penney posing starts out so young.


Again, there were difficulties photographing the almost two-year-old.


Got one! Yay, Roberto! (Notice how the mechanics are hidden in this photo . . . tricky, but effective.)

Yikes. This post alone is book-length. I’ll try and wrap up quickly.

We finally pulled away (after a close call with Legos and Andrew’s nose) at around 5:30. Driving along, Stan said, “I really like driving fast.”

“I know. I like driving fast, too, but I don’t like changing lanes. That curbs my urge somewhat.” I said.

Ten or twenty minutes later, Stan noticed a policeman on the side of the road. “I’m toast,” he said.

He was right.

Aside from the Bananarama, it was eerily similar to my experience of two months ago: we even both got nailed at 13 mile over the speed limit. Of course, I was going 38 at the time, and Stan was going 83 (hey! another strange coincidence), but apparently we are truly becoming one. (Aww.)

After the ticket was bestowed, Zack, crying in the back seat, called out, “Why did you have to speed, Dad?”

Stan said, “Uh–”

And Zack said, “I don’t want you to go to jail!” 

I tried to explain about some crimes being worse than other crimes, but I don’t know if it really got across. Once he realized prison is not in his father’s near future (okay, not in his distant future, either), Zack went back to watching “March of the Penguins”.

And then we stopped and had dinner, and shopped at an outlet mall for awhile, and got home at 10:30.

The end.




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3 12 2008

We also did a post-thanksgiving twilight date (sort of, if you count Stinky sleeping as a date). What’s funny is that although I INTENSELY dislike Edward in the books, I didn’t hate him in the movie. I didn’t even mind his hair (though it seemed out of character from the Edward in the books), I though he had a sort of deconstructed James Dean thing going on. It does bring up the question- is it bedhead if you don’t sleep?

3 12 2008

Not to overshadow your Thanksgiving by talking only about Twilight but….I liked the movie. Not as much as the book but I did think he pulled Edward off well. Bella…not so sure. I just kept thinking “she talks like a teenage punk” too much sarcasm. I loved Edward in the book though and my Edward looked much different from the movie but overall I think he pulled it off well. I know opinions are a dime a dozen on this topic but I can never resist expressing mine when given a chance. Maybe I should work on that.

3 12 2008

that picture of your kids was definatetly worth 60 shots (thank goodness for digital!)

sorry about the ticket…that stinks

3 12 2008

Nice synopsis! Were you sitting behind Colby? I can’t imagine him smiling unless you were nice and close. 🙂 We are so glad you came and hopefully it was worth it even with the ticket. HA

I didn’t like Bella either. Unfortunately, she talked the same way IRL in the interviews she gave when the movie came out.

4 12 2008

The fact that Steve can still identify Ratt songs is awesome!! I knew I liked him for a reason

5 12 2008
Rachel R

Here’s a movie that is better than the book:


Infinitely better.

5 12 2008

Love the Thanksgiving stories. Sounds like the perfect holiday, minus the ticket!

5 12 2008

You know, Rachel, I’ve never read that. But I have seen the movie. I’ll have to check it out from the library and compare.

6 12 2008

Your kids are so cute!!! I’m glad it was a fun Thanksgiving. Along the lines of movies better than books… The Magic of Ordinary Days and one other Hallmark, Follow the Stars Home (I think). It has that girl from Father of the Bride in it. WAY better than the books. Hallmark seems to be able to catch the beauty of the story rather than the junk of the book. Also, I think there are some movies that are just as good as the books… Pride and Prejudice (long version), Lord of the Rings, Anne of Green Gables, Avonlea, etc… The movies where they take the time to put the WHOLE story in. My review of Twilight matches yours though. 🙂

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