Days of Gratitude: Five

5 12 2008

My Rainbow

Rainbow had several episodes today that I wasn’t particularly grateful for (pouting because she had to go to the doctor and get shots, scratching the couch because of the same thing), but once the deed was done (only  nominal screaming occurred) she got to pick stickers. Because she got four (4!) shots, she got to pick out five (5!) stickers for being extra brave.

She picked out one with a rainbow background and a mouse fairy (naturally).

She picked out a purple one with a pink crown that said “Princess” (of course).

She studied the rest of the selection. She pointed to the mouse fairy and said, “I want another one of those to give to Eden.”

More contemplation. “Zack would want a Cars one.”

The sticker lady had to answer the phone, so she tried to prompt a little on the final sticker. “How about this one? It’s Littlest Pet Shop.”

Rainbow said, “Oh, yeah. Then I can give that one to Dad and you won’t have to share anymore, Mom.” She graciously got one for me and Stan to share when she got her x-ray a couple of weeks ago.

I’m grateful for her generous heart, for wanting to share with her siblings without any prompting from me.


Wow. Love this girl.




2 responses

5 12 2008
Candice Rail

I have an address for you too…We moved November 11, 2007. I will email you the new address.

Oh, yes, how do you make generous children? I love it.

6 12 2008

she’s so sweet!

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