Days of Gratitude: Six

6 12 2008


I spent hours today cleaning Zack and Eden’s bedroom. It had passed the point of no return, where a quick pick-up didn’t (and wouldn’t and couldn’t) do anything. There were toys, books, clothes, art projects, and styrofoam airplane parts strewn pretty much everywhere. It was overwhelming–for me, and even more so for them, who haven’t quite caught the vision of what exactly I’m talking about when I say to clean your room.

Now, looking at the room, I can finally take a full breath. Toys are in their assigned bins and books are on the shelves. Debris from this and that has been raked out from under the beds. The too-small clothes have been taken from the dresser (and hidden). You can see the floor once again.

In a long ago Gospel Doctrine lesson, the teacher mentioned order as an act of creation–that when we overcome chaos, we become closer to God. I recognize (weekly, daily, hourly) how far I have to go in this; still, today I am grateful for that corner of order in my home and the tiny step closer I am. 




2 responses

6 12 2008
Candice Rail

As I look at my living room, overcoming chaos sounds like a beautiful thing. I loved how you compared it to a godlike act. I never thought of it that way.

7 12 2008
Jefe Anonymous

I want to hear how clean it is by the time Day Seven rolls around. We were at a wedding reception and talking with some secretaries from my school–they were mentioning how incredibly messy their houses had gotten when their grandkids came to visit, and how, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t manage to keep it clean. I had a moment of revelation: “so, you mean to say it’s not entirely our fault the house is crazy messy, even hours after having cleaned it?”

I felt much, much better. And then I resented my children.

Just kidding.

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