Days of Gratitude: Eleven

12 12 2008


I find that I don’t notice my health much unless I’m feeling sick. Thankfully, I’m not sick right now, but three-fourths of my children are coughing up a lung every couple hours or so. I’m grateful I haven’t gotten whatever bug they have.

There have also been several things in my life the past few months that have made me more aware of what a blessing it is to have a healthy body: a friend has a mental illness, another friend was in an accident and hospitalized, and someone dear to our family was diagnosed and began treatment for cancer. I pray for each of them daily–sometimes multiple times a day. All this makes me more aware of my own body and what I put it through each day.

It’s doing a good job.

Thank you, body. Pat yourself on the back.

Now get off your rear–that laundry’s not going to fold itself! (But eat breakfast first.)




3 responses

12 12 2008

I’m usually more worried about form over function. I’m going to try hard to switch that around!

12 12 2008

Thanks for the reminder!

15 12 2008

Okay, for nighttime coughing slather their little feet with Vicks Vaporub, put on socks (I usually put on two sets) and send them to bed. For some reason that I cannot explain it lessens the nighttime coughing and lets them sleep soooo well! It works on grown ups too!

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