Days of Gratitude: Sixteen

16 12 2008


Seriously, I have the best friends. They watch my kids for me, they make me do things I’m too lazy to do otherwise, and they just lend a listening ear when I need it.

Also, they sometimes laugh at my jokes. That makes me feel good. Thanks.

Our (Cold) Winter Wonderland

16 12 2008


Compared to where I grew up, Western Washington is practically the tropics. (I might be exaggerating the slightest bit.) So recent days–full of crusty snow and freezing temperatures–have made me feel right at home.

The kids, of course, were beside themselves with excitement. Snow!





I think the slide was a lot slower than she expected.

It’s a good thing I took pictures, because they haven’t gone out to play since.


Wimps. This isn’t cold! Why, when I was a kid, it used to be 20 below zero for days on end . . .

Days of Gratitude: Fifteen

16 12 2008


It’s so nice having someone a phone call away that can answer just about any question I have. Unfortunately, she can’t actually do it for me, but she always patiently explains things step by step. She ended our call today with, “Well, if you have any more questions, just give me a call.”

I love that.

In other mom news, Eden said tonight during prayer, “And please bless Mom that she can learn to work harder.” Apparently there are things left undone that she would like done . . .