Days of Gratitude: Twenty-One

21 12 2008


Don’t get me wrong when I say this, because I love church. Still, it was cancelled today due to weather, and it was nice.

We invited some neighbors over for a little sing-along. There’s a little piece in the Children’s Songbook call “The Nativity Song” and I was planning on that (with costumes) for Primary singing time today. We did it at home instead.


 The dramatic wise man.


The cute cow.


The director with her sad boy.


We sang it through a couple of times, so the kids could switch around in the different parts. Of course, the girls all wanted to be Mary, so we ended up singing the last verse four or five times. This is Eden as Mary.


How’s that for a welcoming cattle?


Here’s the whole crew (minus Rainbow, who opted to fuss and get put in her room).

It was a fairly relaxing day. . . but I’ll be glad to be back in church next week.




4 responses

21 12 2008

How fun! I want to be in your primary.

22 12 2008

I love it!! What a nice day for all of you. I love the pictures….

22 12 2008
Candice Rail

I really like your manger. We are currently fine tuning our nativity. Thank you for priming the pump with great ideas.

22 12 2008

Hi! Thanks for your Christmas letter- & it’s fun to read your blog! Our church was cancelled yesterday too! I can’t wait for it to melt- I much prefer the rain! Merry Christmas!!

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