Days of Gratitude: Twenty-four

26 12 2008


This is only the third Christmas in my entire life that I haven’t spent with my parents. I realized that first Christmas away from home (when I was 27 and my kids were 4, 2, and 1) that you don’t really become an adult until you have to be Santa Claus.

But that’s not what I started out to write. On Christmas Eve, I was so grateful for my family—-both the one I grew up in and the one I am half in charge of. We sat around the Christmas tree and sang a couple of songs, had a small display of talent, and then Stan read the Christmas story from the Bible. We did the same thing growing up; in fact, one of the ways I remember my grandfather’s voice is to think the words, “And there went out in those days a decree from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be taxed.”

Another source of joy this night was when Stan asked the kids why it was important for Jesus to be born. Both of the older kids gave great answers (“to be an example”, “to show us the way to act”) and we prompted Rainbow just a little bit towards the end of Christ’s life. She then told us in surprising detail about the crucifixion and resurrection. We didn’t have to say much beyond, “And then what happened?” She was concurrently engaged in a game of human pinball, calling out, “The angel came!” Zing! Zing! “And they came to see Jesus and it was empty!” Zing! Zing! “And then Mary was there, and she saw Jesus!” Zing!

“How could Mary see Jesus? Wasn’t he dead?”

“He was resurrected!” Jump, grin, zing!

Out of the mouths of five-year-olds . . .



One response

26 12 2008

Coming off of our first Christmas alone EVER I can say that I am so grateful for my little family. What a sweet little girl you have.

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