Days of Gratitude: Twenty-eight

28 12 2008

Toddler Belly Laughs

If you take a ping pong ball, stick it in your mouth, and then blow it out with a big puff of air, your toddler just might laugh really hard. And then he might go and get the ball so you can do it again. Several dozen times. Still laughing just as hard as at the beginning.

That trick never gets old.





5 responses

29 12 2008

I need to try that trick.
so Wii fit sounds pretty sweet. and are glittens mittens and gloves mixed?
I got myself a couple Christmas presents this year cuz Jared doesn’t have a life other than the one he leads at the hospital BUT Amber got me a beautiful ala board calendar, and my mom got me some Hawaiian gifts. So, I was happy.
Happy New Year!

29 12 2008
Candice Rail

So funny. I wish that I could always find giggly joy in such small things.

29 12 2008

I’m grateful for toddler belly laughs, too. They never cease to remind me to find joy in small things. Small things like toddlers.

30 12 2008

I’ll have to try that…

31 12 2008

Toddler belly laughs make the world go around, I totally agree. I’m so grateful they love the repitition, too. I just don’t have that many tricks up my sleeve.

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