Hello, Snow

24 12 2008

I took these photos yesterday; today it’s been raining fairly steadily, so the snow is melting away. I never did get a picture of our snowman, either, and the one of the snow fort didn’t turn out. Still, here’s what I did get. We’ve enjoyed the snow while it lasted, and if it cools off we may have a white Christmas after all.



 Some pots in the backyard


The van (it hasn’t been driven since Saturday).


Guess who made the snow angel–

Days of Gratitude: Twenty-three

24 12 2008

A Clean Bedroom

I realized that, in requiring my children to have clean rooms for Christmas, it was a little hypocritical of me to have such a messy room myself. There were boxes of books moved in from the sewing room to make way for Christmas projects, there were pallets for the two kids who seem to think they need to sleep with us every night, and there was all sorts of general clutter that needed to be taken care of. So I did.

Ahh. That’s nice.

Christmas, we’re ready!

Days of Gratitude: Twenty-two

22 12 2008

Snow Forts

Zack and I have been at loggerheads lately. (Where is that phrase from, I wonder?) I weep, wail, and gnash my teeth (gnash is such a great word) and he defies, sasses, and makes inappropriate noises. I am reminded of that part of Sleepless in Seattle where Tom Hanks says to his date, “He’s eight.” And she replies, “He’s good at it.”

Zack is good at being eight.

Today, it was same-old, same-old with the arguing and the bargaining and the demanding and the stubborness. (I’m not telling you who did what, because we both did a lot of each–maybe that’s where he gets it. But I think his big problem is he thinks he’s the parent. [Either that, or his big problem is that I am his parent.]) Anyway–

I’m grateful that I let it go for the afternoon, long enough for us to go outside and build a snow fort together. An entire hour without a single argument–it was wonderful. If only I could figure out how to make cleaning like building a snow fort . . .

Days of Gratitude: Twenty-One

21 12 2008


Don’t get me wrong when I say this, because I love church. Still, it was cancelled today due to weather, and it was nice.

We invited some neighbors over for a little sing-along. There’s a little piece in the Children’s Songbook call “The Nativity Song” and I was planning on that (with costumes) for Primary singing time today. We did it at home instead.


 The dramatic wise man.


The cute cow.


The director with her sad boy.


We sang it through a couple of times, so the kids could switch around in the different parts. Of course, the girls all wanted to be Mary, so we ended up singing the last verse four or five times. This is Eden as Mary.


How’s that for a welcoming cattle?


Here’s the whole crew (minus Rainbow, who opted to fuss and get put in her room).

It was a fairly relaxing day. . . but I’ll be glad to be back in church next week.

Days of Gratitude: Twenty

21 12 2008


Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I went out onto the front porch to turn off the Christmas lights. Everything was quiet, muffled by the snow. I looked up at the street light and had to catch my breath. I know saying that is so cliche, but how often does it really happen? The snow was coming down, fast and straight and almost misty like Washington rain, and, I don’t know. Usually when it snows, I think about icy roads and mittens and snow boots. Rarely do I just enjoy how beautiful it is (especially when it isn’t blowing–which it hasn’t been). But last night I did, and I’m grateful for it.

Days of Gratitude: Nineteen

20 12 2008


Two years ago today, my mom flew in and Stan picked her up from the airport. She arrived at my house at around 1:00. I hugged her and said to Stan, “I’m in labor. Let’s go to the hospital.”

Three hours (or so) later, we had the sweetest little red-headed baby on earth in our arms.

Merry Christmas to us!

We love you, Colby. We’re so happy you’re in our family. You are such a blessing to me every day.


Still not really into the whole opening presents thing . . .


“Ooooh . . . ” (Yes, there’s an extra in the picture–our neighbor.)


Opening presents: not so much. Playing with presents, though: there’s the stuff.


Happy Birthday, my sweet one!

Days of Gratitude: Eighteen

19 12 2008

Finished Projects

I planned on having a homemade Christmas this year, where I made all the gifts I was giving. It was a great idea.

I have lots of great ideas. Execution is where I run into trouble.

So–yesterday, I finished the gifts for my in-laws and parents, the apron I made for my sister-in-law, and TSUPE for my brother and his wife. (I will post a picture of TSUPE after Christmas along with the story connected thereto [is that a word?] so as not to spoil the surprise.) I have been feeling the pressure these last couple of weeks, wondering if it would all come together in the end.

Stan sent everything off yesterday.


I’m grateful for the relief I felt, almost like a physical weight being lifted. Now I can enjoy Christmas (as long as I forget about the other stuff I had planned for my kids, waiting in the sewing room . . . but, hey, who doesn’t love the Christmas that keeps on giving past New Years’?)