And the Winner is . . .

6 01 2009


Chosen by a completely impartial five-year-old. (“Pick a paper out of this hat.” “What for?”)

Congratulations, Christina. You are the proud owner of a yet-to-be-made apron. I’ll be sure and post a picture when it’s finished, as long as you all promise not to have apron envy.

Thanks for all your kind comments on my blog birthday post. I read Monique’s poem every day to boost my self-esteem. Also, did you see Janette Rallison commented? She even called me a domestic goddess (but that’s probably because she’s never seen how messy my house is on an average day).  I must admit to being slightly star-struck. She’s one of my favorite YA authors; I think she’s the first person I’ve ever written a fan letter to. (I was 26.) If you like YA lit, I highly recommed her books. She’s got two coming out the first part of this year, and I’m very excited. Thanks for stopping by, Janette! Sorry you didn’t win.

In fact, I’m sorry you all couldn’t win. I wish I could make each of you an apron (except that my attention span is kind of short so I’d regret that by about number four, I think). It’s funny, though. Right before Christmas, I thought I’d be out of sewing mode until about 2012. Surprisingly, I’m looking forward to it. Sewing is addictive, apparently. Who knew?