Gray, More Like

13 01 2009

I have not been a very good blogger lately.

In fact, I’ve not been a very good anything lately.

There is something, something strange and inexplicable, that seems to be sucking the life force completely out of my bones. I sigh a lot. Motivation for just about everything is nil. I want to hibernate.

What I want to know is why they call it the blues.

I would LOVE to see a little blue right now.

I am gray, gray, gray, gray, gray.

It appears I have a touch of S.A.D. (not to be confused with S.A.D.D.). Usually, I do well until about mid-February. And by March we actually start seeing the sun on occasion. I haven’t struggled this much this early since we moved here (and Rainbow was a newborn, which lack of sleep definitely exaberated the situation). Why now? I will probably never know. But I’m doing my darnedest to snap out of it–and care.

So I thought I’d share one reason I get up in the morning:







Everybody should have their own Rainbow.