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13 01 2009

I have not been a very good blogger lately.

In fact, I’ve not been a very good anything lately.

There is something, something strange and inexplicable, that seems to be sucking the life force completely out of my bones. I sigh a lot. Motivation for just about everything is nil. I want to hibernate.

What I want to know is why they call it the blues.

I would LOVE to see a little blue right now.

I am gray, gray, gray, gray, gray.

It appears I have a touch of S.A.D. (not to be confused with S.A.D.D.). Usually, I do well until about mid-February. And by March we actually start seeing the sun on occasion. I haven’t struggled this much this early since we moved here (and Rainbow was a newborn, which lack of sleep definitely exaberated the situation). Why now? I will probably never know. But I’m doing my darnedest to snap out of it–and care.

So I thought I’d share one reason I get up in the morning:







Everybody should have their own Rainbow.




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13 01 2009

SAD is something that affects my family. Well, depression on the whole is something several of us, myself included, struggle with. Sorry that you’re getting hit hard this year.

Off topic, but you do a great job with the nursery music. Really, truly, you rocked it. I can only imagine how awesome you are in primary.

13 01 2009

I feel you sister. When we managed apartments at BYU we had a tenant with full on medically diagnosed S.A.D. She had a huge light box in her apartment for days like these…maybe you could just try a florescent bulb. I hope things start looking up. Rainbow seems to be just the ticket!

P.S. I love your new “notify me of followup comments via email” feature because I am nosy.

13 01 2009

Well, Mandy, I totally made that up myself. You know, because I am such a computer expert.

Thanks for the props on the music, Rachael (just in case you also decided to be notified of followup comments via email). It is the most fun calling I have ever had, although the last couple of weeks have been rough (huh–see accompanying post, I guess). Your boy is a doll.

13 01 2009

HI. Sorry you are SAD. I think you are a ray of sunshine in my life though! And you’re right, everybody needs a Rainbow in their life.

13 01 2009

I really struggled with this in Alaska. I found several things that helped.
1. ditch carbs (I know I know it’s easier said then done but it really helps)
2. exercise (even if you detest it)
3. put yourself on a schedule. Go by your clock not what’s going on outside. I like to go to bed at 10 and get up at 6:30 even if nothing is going on that day. I have to say if you do nothing else I suggest do this. It was by far the biggest help.
and 4. The full spectrum lights do help. And while your at it you can start on your planting for spring!

13 01 2009

I’m sorry you’re having a rough time of it! I have days like this – Your rays of sunshine sure are cute!!! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

13 01 2009

Sorry you’re SAD. People get that here too, obviously! You can take vitamin D–My Dr. said 2000 mgs. And make sure you bask in the sun if it peeks it’s head out.

I’ve missed your blogs. Wondering where you went to…..

14 01 2009
Mrs. Olsen

Monique had some good ideas. I need to try them myself.

When I started reading I thought…oh my! She’s pregnant!

Yes? just checking.

15 01 2009

LOL, Mrs. Olsen – that’s what I thought too! Wishful thinking, I bet – the Jones kids are some of the cutest ever.

Hey, if it helps any, I’ve been feeling the same. Hibernation sounds GREAT. Except for me, when I’m -blah-, I hide in blogs and books. Mmmmm, adventures written for 12 year olds. Nice. Love it.

And can I confess to using your blog as a big morale-booster? Yes I can. But hey – even if you haven’t been posting, you’ve still been leaving little bits of sunshine over on my blogs, brightening my days and leaving me totally unsuspecting that life is not fun for you right now.

Love you! Pray for you! Hug that Rainbow for me.

15 01 2009

I am sad that one of my favorite bright people is sad. I understand a little. I have always struggled in the winter. I love Monique’s suggestions. I had no idea about the carb thing.

I love your Rainbow. I have one named Sarah.

15 01 2009

Mrs. Olsen? Sorry I don’t exactly know who you are. You must be good people if Wendy knows you, but anyway to answer your question yes. I am pregnant. Newly so. Only about 4 weeks.

16 01 2009

I think it does women a lot of good to see someone they admire have a sad day you know. I’m glad you’re doing better now. You know, so many people asked me if I liked Seattle. My reply, “I loved Seattle.” Then I think about it – and pretty much every late winter/early spring we were not in Seattle but were moving around doing away rotations. So my memories of Seattle never include those drag-out, knock-down, never-ending gray springs.
You are such a great photographer by the way.
And just to follow up with Mrs. Olsen’s nosiness – do you think you’ll have another wee lil’ one?
And I just can’t believe you called me a diva.
And . . . .okay, that’s all.

21 01 2009

I’m with the ones who instantly thought that the sucking of the life source was due to a recently acquired parasite–bummer that Colby won’t have a friend soon–ok, probably not. I’m glad to know that the blues are on vacation for awhile. I love that I sometimes have time to catch up. Man, do I regret being such a poop as a kid. Was I really that insecure? Thanks for forgiving me and including me in the loop. You inspire me!

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