Random Photos

15 01 2009

Just a few photos from the last couple of weeks–


 Colby, eating his applesauce.


Check out those awesome spoon skillz–


I love those little crescent-moon eyes.


Zack + joke book = happiness


Ice cream imbibing takes lots of concentration.


Remember this post? Um, it’s apparently time for some new footie pajamas.


Rainbow is always willing to be my model.




15 01 2009

First of all, I want to again thank all of you for your kind comments. Comments, I realized, are a nice way to show love.

So are prayers. Thank you.

I dragged myself out of bed at six and exercised like I knew I needed to, I ate more protein (although the carb thing, well, didn’t actually happen), and I made sure I drank my milk. Turns out, taking care of myself really helped. (So did changing about eight [8!] light burned-out lightbulbs.)

As did this:


Ahh. We’re socked back in today, but the sun made a big difference.

I also talked with my mom on the phone and a sweet friend came to visit. So yesterday was a great day, and today has been really nice as well. I’m breathing and feeling alive.

It’s a nice feeling.

P.S. Nice try, Mrs. Olsen and Alias. I hate to disappoint you. Not pregnant. But that would explain the inexplicable life-force sucking going on around here . . .


15 01 2009

I just wanted to post a quick thank you for all your concerned comments and suggestions. I’m feeling much better, more like myself, both today and yesterday. It’s our busy morning today, but I’ll post more later.