Pictures of the Pillow

18 01 2009

Remember when I told you about TSUPE? Well, my brother posted some pictures on his blog, so I stole them so everybody could see.

Okay, just kidding. I guess I’m not technically savvy enough to poach pictures yet. So–here’s the link to his post, but it’s kind of like an entire year overview because they never update their blog. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll be able to see my sewing, um, unprowess.

See, now you’re not jealous of Christina at all, are you.



7 responses

18 01 2009

I think everyone’s afraid to comment….

18 01 2009

Wow, Wendy… That was… wow. TSUPE. I think I’d be afraid of TFUPE — but to your credit, it did look very well-made.

19 01 2009

that was fun catching up on Mike. That pillow isn’t that bad…and you’ve got some serious quilting skills. Do we get a pic of the first ugliest?

19 01 2009

I love it. My grandma was a big quilter and most things she made were pieced together from whatever she had on hand or could get cheap. Most of my blankets were made from itchy, clashing fabrics with mismatched pieces on the back. I honestly love them all.

20 01 2009

WOW! You are a great quilter, very nicely pieced together. That is all I have to say…

21 01 2009
Candice Rail

I loved it. I think that it is a freakin’ cool pillow: one that I would be proud to rest my head every night, and take on sleepovers for all to see.

22 01 2009

Dina–we have you for Christmas next year. Be very afraid.

Alias–I really don’t have a picture of TFUPE. I just figured, bad as it is, it couldn’t really be the ugliest ever. Could it? But, hey–this way, whatever I make to replace it is going to look tres chic.

Kathleen–my quilting skills are actually about the only thing I’m pleased with on the pillow. You are so sweet.

Mandy–Don’t you love that about quilts? They’re not just blankets, they’re MEMORIES. (Still, I don’t have the excuse that I made this out of scraps. I bought the fabrics specifically for this project. Ouch. Live and learn.)

Tami–you should be a diplomat.

Candice–If you took TSUPE to a sleepover, it would surely become a must-have for every household. When I go into business, you’re already hired as the word-of-mouth marketing director.

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