Apron Envy

25 01 2009

I know you were all pretty scared when you saw the picture of TSUPE. I am now redeeming myself because, frankly, I think Christina’s apron turned out great.


It’s cuter on, because the way the skirt is cut makes it flare just a little bit around the bottom. Also, it has darts, which will most probably be the death of me someday.┬áDon’t you just love the rick-rack (I love just saying “rick-rack”) trimming the pockets? I thought that up myself.(Yes, I’m probably laying it on a little thick here, but you’ve got to admit: it’s a long climb up from TSUPE’s depth.)

I couldn’t get a picture of myself modeling Christina’s apron, but I talked Rainbow into it:


I made one for┬áChristina’s daughter Ella so they could have some girl bonding time when the testosterone levels at their house get too high.

So—Happy Blog Contest, Christina! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the goods.