Apron Envy

25 01 2009

I know you were all pretty scared when you saw the picture of TSUPE. I am now redeeming myself because, frankly, I think Christina’s apron turned out great.


It’s cuter on, because the way the skirt is cut makes it flare just a little bit around the bottom. Also, it has darts, which will most probably be the death of me someday. Don’t you just love the rick-rack (I love just saying “rick-rack”) trimming the pockets? I thought that up myself.(Yes, I’m probably laying it on a little thick here, but you’ve got to admit: it’s a long climb up from TSUPE’s depth.)

I couldn’t get a picture of myself modeling Christina’s apron, but I talked Rainbow into it:


I made one for Christina’s daughter Ella so they could have some girl bonding time when the testosterone levels at their house get too high.

So—Happy Blog Contest, Christina! Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the goods.



10 responses

26 01 2009

Christina’s apron looks great. I think you have sewing fever. Keep up the good work. I bet Rainbow wants one of her own too. Have a great day.

26 01 2009

I LOVE them. You did such a great job. I love the fabric and the rick rack. I also love Rainbow’s head tilt and wrist angle. My girls do the same exact pose all the time. Where do they learn that?

26 01 2009

I AM SOOO EXCITED!! You made one for Ella too? You are the best! It is so cute – can’t wait to get it!!!! It’s so cute!

26 01 2009

I am SO impressed. I love it! and I”m sure she will too!

26 01 2009

Love, Love, Love the apron. The fabric is beautiful and the styling adorable.

26 01 2009

WOW! That is one amazing Apron! I wish I could sew… but what a cute idea! I am very impressed!

26 01 2009

PS Rainbow is adorable too!

27 01 2009

AWESOME!!! And yes, I have apron envy!! And I didn’t think STUPE was all that ugly. Looked pretty complicated to me…. Rainbow is SOOO cute! I’m afraid I’m only going to know your kids by their pseudos… do they know who they are??? be good. I’m excited about your reading website…makes me feel like I should read things with a little more to them.

27 01 2009

Super cute! I love the ric rac and the matching little one…I think I’ll have to borrow the idea. We’re snowed in today, so maybe we’ll make it a sew day!

29 01 2009

Perfecto! Amazing! Super super super great. Go you! Hip hip, hooray! Wow! Neato! Fantastic! Love it! 🙂
(Sorry, just can’t pick one exclamation.)

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