New Blog Launch

26 01 2009

(The word “launch” makes it sound as though starting a blog is a big, important thing. Even though it isn’t, feel free to think so.)

I’ve started a new blog for book reviews and writing “stuff”–although right now there are only two reviews posted and not a lot of links. Still, it’s a start. Let me know what you think.



4 responses

26 01 2009
Candice Rail

I am really interested in this blogs as well as the books that you are writing? Are they YA books?

I like the format. I have never seen that before. WordPress is cool.

26 01 2009

Initially I had trouble with your format on my computer, reloaded and it was fine. Like your blog so far and will check back often. By the way are you a member of goodreads? I do a lot of my book reviewing there. We could compare?

26 01 2009

Forgot to mention I really liked the three column set up.

29 01 2009

Super cool!

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