Idaho “Vacation” Part 4

28 02 2009

When the recounting of your vacation takes longer than the actual vacation itself, you know you’re sharing too much. Or maybe I just took too many pictures.

Anyway, I was able to attend my sister-in-law’s cake decorating class one morning. She teaches at BYU-I.


Isn’t she cute?


The gigantic commercial kitchen was way cool.


Here’s my Rice Krispy cake, covered with fondant. That’s right: fondant. When I was a kid, we had those Childcraft books. In one of them there was a cartoon picture of a girl cooking and a big bubble where she was saying, “I’m very fond of fondant.” I had no idea what fondant was back then–I figured it was something like divinity.

I only found out what fondant actually is about two years ago. It’s rolled icing, and not as easy to work with as they make it look on the Food Network.

I only had time to make and cover my cake during class, but I took my extra fondant home and played around with it.


My mom said, “That’s a . . . happy cake.” Very happy.


It’s a lot like Play-doh, really. Only edible (although Eden still eats Play-doh . . .) and stickier.


Unfortunately, I don’t know if I could actually do this again. It was sure fun to make, though.

I think I can finish up our “vacation” in one more post–stay tuned for our visit to the sheep farm!

Idaho “Vacation” Part 3

27 02 2009


There was snowman-building,




Snow pie-eating,


[More] sledding with [different] cousins,


Sugar cookie-decorating,


(and eating),


Stair-climbing (at yet more cousins’),


Visiting (I love this picture of Stan and his brother having a great time),


And smiling (after gluten-free oreo-eating). Lots of smiling.

Ode to Sam

26 02 2009

My brother’s birthday was yesterday.

I didn’t send him a card.

I didn’t send him an email.

I am a horrible sister.

Sorry, Sam.

To go along with this, I have written several horrible limericks in his honor. Enjoy!


I have this cool brother named Sam.

I missed his birthday so I am

                Writing bad limericks

                Without anything that sticks,

But I love him and that’s not a scam.


Yes. Terrible, I know. Here’s another:


Sam is my brother; I love him.

Sometimes he hit me on my chin.

                But that is okay,

                It was back in the day

When I would try just to annoy him.


Okay. Only one more.  And keep in mind that “no sham” is just like saying “no lie”, but it rhymes better. No sham.


I have this cool brother named Sam.

He once played drums in a rock band.

                Now he’s a dentist

                (Can I be your apprentice?)

And his wife is amazing—no sham.


Happy birthday, Sam! (Um, yesterday.)

Idaho “Vacation” Part 2

25 02 2009

Another great thing we got to do was see grandparents. It’s nice to be around other people who are pretty much required to love and admire everything your children do.


Prepping for the impromptu piano recital–


Our babysitter recently taught Eden the bass part to “Heart and Soul”. Eden is thrilled.


Rainbow played her standard, Chopsticks with Variations in Three Verses.


They also had the chance to play a harpsichord. Pretty cool. It’s nice to have connections.


Colby entertained himself quite handily by ducking into the curtain alcove.

Over and over again.


To Stan, I said, “Stand there and let me look at you.” (For 10 points, name that movie.)

In the Bleak Midwinter

24 02 2009


We went to Idaho. For a whole week!

Some Washington school districts have this crazy thing called mid-winter break. An entire week off in the middle of February, so we can enjoy being out of school in the lovely . . . rain. We then get to stay in school until almost the end of June! Lucky us!

I am not a fan.

This year, though, I forced Stan at gunpoint (not really) to drive us to Idaho to hang with the family.

Stan said to me, “I don’t really consider going home a vacation.”

I said, “Well, it is to me. I don’t have to cook as much and I don’t have to clean as much and we get to see our family.”

Stan may also not consider it a vacation because he had to work remotely while we were there. So, really, it wasn’t a vacation for him. But it was for the rest of us.

Love you, Stan! You’re the best.


This isn’t really a picture of anything, but it does show the insane amount of snow they still have there.


We got to go sledding with our cousins.


 And bowling with our other cousins.


Colby chilled with Aunt P most of the time (thank you!). He also discovered Rubik’s Cube–the best thing since sliced bread!


Zack had his first sleepover (and had no problems, surprisingly) with his cousin and also watched Star Wars for the first time. (I kind of feel bad I missed it.)

More of the exciting Idaho vacation to come, including our illuminating visit to the farm . . . (sorry, Mrs. O, no chickens).

Have you ever wondered . . .

23 02 2009

. . . what it looks like to pour half a bottle of applesauce on a dinner plate?


Now you know.

Sixth Picture

23 02 2009

Candi tagged me awhile ago to post the sixth picture from my sixth folder (and then tag six people–it used to be all fours, but apparently the devil’s got a hold of this tag) and I haven’t done it because I needed to wait until there was a good picture in that slot.

So here it is (with only a minimal amount of fudging):


That’s Colby and I, getting ready to hit the slopes.

As for whom to tag, I think I’ll keep it in the family: Jeff, Laurita, Ty, Mike and/or Sandi (arm wrestle for it), Camber, and Ann. Have fun.