Belated Happy Groundhog Day

5 02 2009

I love Eden and the way she writes.



I also love the way she colors everything rainbow:


 In conclusion, watch that first step! It’s a doozy.

Oh, and Happy Groundhog Day!




4 responses

5 02 2009

Amazing! Looks like she caught the writing bug from her Mama. I have to push my kids for more than two sentences.

6 02 2009

I love it. She is a little smarty pants and I learned something very valuable. 700 pounds? That IS amazing. In conclusion, I would like to read more of this author.

7 02 2009

Hey – I did that, too, as a kid. I think it’s cuz Rainbow Brite was my hero. My kids are being indoctrinated through YouTube. Ah, nastalgia. 🙂
In conclusion, I love Rainbow. And rainbows. And rainbow groundhogs.

7 02 2009
Mrs. Olsen

She taught me something I didn’t know about groundhogs. Way to go kid!

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