Another Contest (with strings this time)

11 02 2009

I saw this on Mrs. Olsen’s blog. She is completely amazing, even if she did once confess to her diary that she thought my brother was cute. (And, actually, he is, though I didn’t agree at the time.) I mean, the woman raises chickens for eggs and fertilizer! Anyway, I’m not incredibly crafty but I do like making things for people, so I’m going to give it a shot.

The deal:

The first 5 people to respond to this post will receive something made by me. To you! It will be my choice and made especially for you. Just so we’re on the same page, here are . . . 

The details:

  • No guarantees you will feel absolute true love, but possibly happiness, fervor, or chocolate.
  • What I create will be just for you.
  • It will be done sometime this year.
  • You have no clue what it will be… it may be a story. Maybe poetry. Perhaps an article on how to reuse chicken poop in your garden. (Well, probably not that.) I may draw or paint something. I may bake something and mail it to you. Who knows? Not you! That’s for sure.
  • I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

The fine print (which is actually the same size, but whatever):

You must re-post this on your blog and offer the same to the first 5 people who do the same on their blog. When you get your lovely homemade goods from me, post a picture on your blog so I know my love arrived without a hitch.

(A couple of reasons I like this: 1) I have an entire year to do it, and 2) I can do something extremely strange if I want. Cool.)




8 responses

11 02 2009

Okay…. I’m in! 🙂

11 02 2009

Count me in. I’ll get it posted in the next day. 🙂

11 02 2009

Sniff. You blogger people are so clicky,,,

11 02 2009

I’ll do it… just give me a little time to post it (haha).

11 02 2009

Yea! I’m so glad I checked your blog…excited to see what you come up with. I was actually sewing yesterday and thought of you making your cute aprons (hint, hint ). Oh, and you are right about cousins, they are the best! I can’t believe I forgot to call, luckily Jeanette was home to check my email and find your phone number for me. I should probably program it in my phone, in case next time I remember before the museum!

11 02 2009
Mrs. Olsen

Hey! You been reading my diary? Uh, I’m embarrassed now. Okay, once upon a time I had a crush on your brother. But I’m pretty sure you heard that through the Marilyn-Elaine grapevine, not from Bill (you better hope that’s the case punk).

12 02 2009

Just wanted to pop in and say hi – I was so wrapped up in writing my book, I ignored my friends and friends’ blogs terribly. 😀

This is an awesome contest – I did it on my blog last year – so much fun! We called it “Paying it Forward” 🙂

12 02 2009
Candice Rail

Darn, why did I not check this earlier? I guess five other people do not have to suffer with whatever I create. But a creation from Wendy, now that would be awesome.

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