Depth of Field

13 02 2009

More shots from my photo class:


We were working on getting a shallow depth of field, which makes the thing you want in focus sharp and the background blurry. I took this photo with my zoom lens, zoomed all the way out. That’s an easy way to get a shallower depth of field.

Still, in class we were supposed to be using aperture to get a shallow depth of field, not focal length. So I switched to my short, fixed lens (actually, it’s Stan’s short, fixed lens, but he’s good at sharing) and opened the aperture way up. I also had to get in closer to my subject (in this case, the microscope):


This shot, as shown by greater background bluriness, has the shallower depth of field.

Look at me learning photography!

Those microscope pictures were in class, but we had the assignment to take a photo using our depth of field knowledge.


I set this shot up and was so excited to take it I forgot to (cough, cough) check my meter. It’s a bit, as we say in photography circles, hot. Still, I kind of like it. Too bad it wasn’t on purpose.

Meter duly checked, and here’s the result:


Sorry! is the game of choice around here these days. We took it over to our bishop and wife’s house a week or two ago. The kids had a great time playing, and we even made the bishop use the required obnoxious voice to say, “Sor-ry!”

It was awesome.



5 responses

13 02 2009
Candice Rail

My favorite picture was the one that you made a ‘mistake’ on.

Do you happen to have a microscope at your house? How cool is that?

13 02 2009

I also like the one that was a “mistake”. The colors maybe..idontknow it’s just interesting and fun to look at.

13 02 2009

Blurry backgrounds are the very reason I want a better camera. I have yet to figure out how to achieve that with my point and shoot. You are getting good!

P.S. I love a fun bishop! Ours is the best.

14 02 2009

Love the pictures and narrative to go with them. You are becoming a true photographer. You’ll have to teach me the stuff you are learning!

14 02 2009
Jefe Anonymous


Nice shots. I love the depth of field. Keep posting cool shots. Or ELSE!

I didn’t really know how to end this.

OX jefe

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