Lost . . . and Found!

13 02 2009

Zack had a dentist appointment at 7:30 a.m. What a way to start the day!

Forty minutes and two extractions later, he was off to school.


When we made the appointment a couple of weeks ago, it was after Zack’s regular cleaning and check-up. I pointed out to the dentist that his permanent teeth were almost full-grown (they’ve been there a year) and the baby teeth in front of them weren’t getting loose. He directed me to make an appointment with the pediatric dentist who comes in once a week. When the receptionist asked the reason for the appointment, I said, “Zack has shark teeth.”

Of course that’s not the technical term. I don’t know the technical term. But she didn’t ask, so I just figured that’s how everyone described it.

When we met the pediatric dentist this morning, he said, “Now it says here you’re having some problems with sharp teeth.”

I laughed.

I explained.

He laughed.

Then he expertly removed my son’s teeth without causing him anxiety, which is hard to do.

But he never told me what I should have called them.

Zack got some replacement teeth from the prize box for being such an awesome patient:


He kind of looks like a beaver or a gopher. Sweet.

Can you believe they’re the first lost teeth in our family? (Aside from Stan and me, of course.) Zack is 8 1/2, and Eden is almost seven. Crazy.

In other news, guess who was hiding out in the WRONG POCKET of Eden’s backpack.


That’s right. Browny. God’s in His heaven and all’s right with the world.

(Still no glasses, though I did find a missing set of keys while I was searching under the couch today.)




2 responses

14 02 2009

Hooray for the return of Browny! We have weird teeth issues in our house too. Teeth that won’t grow (Ethan, Mads) and teeth that wouldn’t come out (Lauren). I’ll have to ask Adam if there is an offical term for that.

16 02 2009

that is almost exactly how Everett lost his first teeth…except somehow he managed to get them out before the dentist appointment. Everyone that saw his teeth called them shark teeth, including the dentist…so funny about the sharp thing!

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