Have you ever wondered . . .

23 02 2009

. . . what it looks like to pour half a bottle of applesauce on a dinner plate?


Now you know.

Sixth Picture

23 02 2009

Candi tagged me awhile ago to post the sixth picture from my sixth folder (and then tag six people–it used to be all fours, but apparently the devil’s got a hold of this tag) and I haven’t done it because I needed to wait until there was a good picture in that slot.

So here it is (with only a minimal amount of fudging):


That’s Colby and I, getting ready to hit the slopes.

As for whom to tag, I think I’ll keep it in the family: Jeff, Laurita, Ty, Mike and/or Sandi (arm wrestle for it), Camber, and Ann. Have fun.