In the Bleak Midwinter

24 02 2009


We went to Idaho. For a whole week!

Some Washington school districts have this crazy thing called mid-winter break. An entire week off in the middle of February, so we can enjoy being out of school in the lovely . . . rain. We then get to stay in school until almost the end of June! Lucky us!

I am not a fan.

This year, though, I forced Stan at gunpoint (not really) to drive us to Idaho to hang with the family.

Stan said to me, “I don’t really consider going home a vacation.”

I said, “Well, it is to me. I don’t have to cook as much and I don’t have to clean as much and we get to see our family.”

Stan may also not consider it a vacation because he had to work remotely while we were there. So, really, it wasn’t a vacation for him. But it was for the rest of us.

Love you, Stan! You’re the best.


This isn’t really a picture of anything, but it does show the insane amount of snow they still have there.


We got to go sledding with our cousins.


 And bowling with our other cousins.


Colby chilled with Aunt P most of the time (thank you!). He also discovered Rubik’s Cube–the best thing since sliced bread!


Zack had his first sleepover (and had no problems, surprisingly) with his cousin and also watched Star Wars for the first time. (I kind of feel bad I missed it.)

More of the exciting Idaho vacation to come, including our illuminating visit to the farm . . . (sorry, Mrs. O, no chickens).