Idaho “Vacation” Part 2

25 02 2009

Another great thing we got to do was see grandparents. It’s nice to be around other people who are pretty much required to love and admire everything your children do.


Prepping for the impromptu piano recital–


Our babysitter recently taught Eden the bass part to “Heart and Soul”. Eden is thrilled.


Rainbow played her standard, Chopsticks with Variations in Three Verses.


They also had the chance to play a harpsichord. Pretty cool. It’s nice to have connections.


Colby entertained himself quite handily by ducking into the curtain alcove.

Over and over again.


To Stan, I said, “Stand there and let me look at you.” (For 10 points, name that movie.)



4 responses

25 02 2009

Do eye doctors have connections with harpsichords? Or, was this your phenominally talented mother-in-law?

25 02 2009

Yay for grandparents! I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a harpsichord. Will you please name that movie before it drives me crazy?

25 02 2009

Candice–my dear in-laws have the musical connections.

Mandy–I can’t believe you don’t know it! (Should I just taunt you to be especially annoying?) It’s from Cars, when Sally and McQueen first meet. This trip, Zack has moved up and watched more live-action films than animated on our long drive. It makes me kind of sad. What Harry Potter will do to a kid . . .

25 02 2009

We totally guessed it was Cars, but someone beat us to it. Love the pictures!

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