Ode to Sam

26 02 2009

My brother’s birthday was yesterday.

I didn’t send him a card.

I didn’t send him an email.

I am a horrible sister.

Sorry, Sam.

To go along with this, I have written several horrible limericks in his honor. Enjoy!


I have this cool brother named Sam.

I missed his birthday so I am

                Writing bad limericks

                Without anything that sticks,

But I love him and that’s not a scam.


Yes. Terrible, I know. Here’s another:


Sam is my brother; I love him.

Sometimes he hit me on my chin.

                But that is okay,

                It was back in the day

When I would try just to annoy him.


Okay. Only one more.  And keep in mind that “no sham” is just like saying “no lie”, but it rhymes better. No sham.


I have this cool brother named Sam.

He once played drums in a rock band.

                Now he’s a dentist

                (Can I be your apprentice?)

And his wife is amazing—no sham.


Happy birthday, Sam! (Um, yesterday.)



8 responses

26 02 2009
Mrs. Olsen

Sam was my bud on Apache
I think he liked to play Yahtzee
With the grass under toes
we drank from the hose
And wished we were cool just like Fonzie.

26 02 2009

Oooh…I want a limerick! Late limericks totally beat on-time card. You are the best sister ever.

27 02 2009


27 02 2009

You’re just so darn clever!

27 02 2009

Please just send me a card on my birthday

28 02 2009
Jefe Anonymous

I don’t even get limericks.

1 03 2009

Thank you for the limericks. You are the best sister I’ve ever had. I think would rather have some personalized limericks than a card anyways.

Thanks again for the birthday wishes!!

Thanks for your limerick, too, Amber. Good times drinking from the hose.

2 03 2009

Any limericks written by the Anderson family SHOULD start with “Sam, Sam, the muscle man . . . ” since we heard a ton from dad about Sam growing up.
Amber, write a new one with “Sam, Sam, the muscle man” I can’t because I am not the gifted writer that you are.
And, happy birthday Sam, Sam, the muscle man!!

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