Idaho “Vacation” Part 4

28 02 2009

When the recounting of your vacation takes longer than the actual vacation itself, you know you’re sharing too much. Or maybe I just took too many pictures.

Anyway, I was able to attend my sister-in-law’s cake decorating class one morning. She teaches at BYU-I.


Isn’t she cute?


The gigantic commercial kitchen was way cool.


Here’s my Rice Krispy cake, covered with fondant. That’s right: fondant. When I was a kid, we had those Childcraft books. In one of them there was a cartoon picture of a girl cooking and a big bubble where she was saying, “I’m very fond of fondant.” I had no idea what fondant was back then–I figured it was something like divinity.

I only found out what fondant actually is about two years ago. It’s rolled icing, and not as easy to work with as they make it look on the Food Network.

I only had time to make and cover my cake during class, but I took my extra fondant home and played around with it.


My mom said, “That’s a . . . happy cake.” Very happy.


It’s a lot like Play-doh, really. Only edible (although Eden still eats Play-doh . . .) and stickier.


Unfortunately, I don’t know if I could actually do this again. It was sure fun to make, though.

I think I can finish up our “vacation” in one more post–stay tuned for our visit to the sheep farm!



6 responses

28 02 2009

I really, really love your cake. I just used fondant for the first time and it was HARD. My cake didn’t turn out nearly as happy as yours.

28 02 2009

That looks really good. They actually make it look hard on the Food Network.

1 03 2009
Mrs. Olsen

Ricks College provided a rice-krispy fondant covered cake at my wedding!

p.s. love your happy cake

1 03 2009

I’m impressed…that is a cute cake!

2 03 2009

pulling out new talents out of your bag of tricks. That cake looks awesome!

2 03 2009

Is there anything you can’t do?? Love your cake, I think you should make me one for my birthday!

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