You’re the Inspiration–

3 03 2009

I’ve been taking a photography class, you know. My final project is due next week: three to five photos with a theme and an artist statement.

So . . . have you got any ideas? Seriously, I’m coming up dry.



I think once I have a good theme, I’ll be able to do something–actually take some pictures. But right now, I’m feeling a little panicky.

I will totally sing that Chicago song to you next time I see you if you come up with an idea I can use. (And I know everyone wants that. Except maybe Ty. He wants a limerick.)



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3 03 2009

Hmm Themes…Anything come up at church recently? I know we did a whole bit on hands, what our hands do for us what they do for others and how we can choose to use our hands for good or evil, service or self-serving, to comfort or to hurt etc. Just a thought. Umm others? What about a color theme? Like your favorite color? and all the shades there of. Or all the places you can find it. You could buy some paint and really get creative. Um How bout uhhh ok I’m out of ideas. Hope I help and please don’t sing if it works out for you;-)

3 03 2009

Theme ideas….I like the color theme, and the hands theme, or how about pathways, doors (like barn, house, etc…), children’s smiles, shoes, fences…

3 03 2009

That’s my all-time favorite song and has been since the 2nd grade. I wish I could help you out but all I ever do when I need to be “creative” is look it up online. Good luck.

3 03 2009

House numbers, or numbers in general. Books. Red headed children. People holding hands. People smooching. That bed or sidewalk art that has been going around on music videos. Cakes. Science Projects. Bassoons. Creativity is not my forte, but I know that it is yours.

We look forward to your photography final!

4 03 2009

Maybe you could take pictures of the sewing process from uncut fabric to the end result. There are lots of good ideas in the other comments that have been posted. Hope you share your final project with all of us. Love you.

5 03 2009
Kristi Ann

What about Picnics and Parks (or whatever you posted under the pictures of your kids on the playground)…maybe not the completely right season, but you have some good pictures to start with, at least from my uneducated-in-photography opinion.

Cute blog!

9 03 2009

How about the theme “ASS” and you can send in a picture of Ty, Jeff, Mike and me. I think you’d get 100.

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