Miss March

4 03 2009

You know what I realized yesterday? I love March.

It’s volatile, true, as was evidenced yesterday by a sunny late morning/early afternoon followed by lightning, thunder, and rain (of course!) yesterday afternoon/evening.

But, ah, it’s nice to be done with February. Winter is on its way out!



Playgrounds and picnics, here we come!




6 responses

4 03 2009

That sounds like a great theme for picture taking!

4 03 2009

Such great pictures. My girls played outside today for the first time in forever and loved it. They were bundled but they were outside. I love winter but hooray for spring!

4 03 2009

I’m with you on that one. Our grass is actually starting to show some green. FINALLY! And of course, Mike tried to take the family skiing on Saturday–only to have the girls leave lights on in the van the night before. So we quickly cancelled the ski trip and Mike spent the day reclaiming his man-cave (aka garage) while I was ignoring the kids to work on my new purse inside. All in all a very effective day! I’ll have to post pictures of the purse before it gets too worn out.

5 03 2009

I love March to. It’s so much better than February especially in the Northwest.

5 03 2009

I agree! I feel alive again…reborn.

9 03 2009
Rebecca Talley

I totally agree. I get so tired of the cold weather. As soon as it’s even a little warm, we all head outside to play. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and no mud!


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