A peek from the past two weeks

24 03 2009


I feel like I haven’t blogged much lately. We’ve just been hanging out, doing regular stuff.


Like finding rusty bolts who-knows-where,


Singing at third grade music concerts (anyone remember the fainting incident of ’86? Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.),


Occasionally enjoying the sunshine when it deigns to grace us with its presence,


Having relatives visit us,


Playing the piano,


(a lot),


Visiting an indoor playground (because it’s still raining lots),


Getting reading trophies,


And going to the Children’s Museum (where Colby could have opened the doors on this Curious George elevator all day. I kid you not.)

It’s been fun. I’m not ashamed to say I look forward to more of the sun and less of the rain in the coming weeks, though. I also mailed off my first homemade gift package–four more to go. Everyone likes aprons, right?



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24 03 2009

We were at that very indoor playground today, heaven bless it. This rain has me going a little cuckoo.

It was lovely to see you, albeit briefly. Stinky really liked music time with you!

25 03 2009

I’m with you on the weather. I’m a little done with the whole winter thing.

Was that YOU who fainted? I vaguely remember (darn my terrible memory) so you’ll have to remind me of the specifics. Was it at the 5th grade concert where a certain unnamed boy insisted on holding my hand throughout the whole “Peace on Earth” song even though we were only supposed to hold hands for the chorus? Ew.

25 03 2009

Mandy–yes, it was me who fainted. Although I think Megan M. might have, too. Luckily, it was just a rehearsal, but it made me fairly skittish during the concert. I distinctly remember bending my knees spasmodically through the whole thing so I wouldn’t lock them.

Who was the handholder? You’ve GOT to tell me. That’s hilarious. I remember the handholding–I was standing next to Brandon H., so that was okay. But he didn’t try to hold my hand the entire song, either.

25 03 2009

Okay–I’ve never been good at being secretive. I think he was the one who wrote a heavily plagiarized poem to Lici comparing her to a red, red rose. Ring a bell?

25 03 2009

Love the picto-journal!

25 03 2009

I LOVE my aprons! I took a picture of us in them (I’ll email them to you…I’m looking a little large for all the public to see!).
Great pictures! Colby is seriously cute.

25 03 2009

Where is the children’s museum? I’ve been trying to plan a number of trips down the Seattle way for this summer for my kids. Is it near there?

25 03 2009
steph anderson

What adorable kids. Looks like you’ve been keeping busy, and having tons of fun at the same time.

25 03 2009

Mandy–Oh, to be in elementary school again.

Monique–the Children’s Museum is in Seattle; actually right in the Seattle Center with the Space Needle, Music Project, and Science Center. The Science Center is fun, too, but your kids might be a little young for it yet. They’d probably love the Children’s Museum, though.

25 03 2009
Candice Rail

I love the life montage. Montages are the best. They quickly give evoke happy emotions, especially when set to good music. I wonder what music would match this montage?

25 03 2009
Liz Adair

Your daughter looks so much like you! She’s beautiful.

25 03 2009
Rachel Rice

Hi Wendy! Rachel “Gentry” Rice here! I hope you don’t mind, I found you from Rachael Telford’s blog! WOW! You’re kids are getting so big and cute! I LOVED looking through your pictures! You are an AWESOME photographer! And your apron was very cute too! So was your cake! Is there anything you can’t do?

25 03 2009

i like aprons.

25 03 2009

Thanks for sharing the photos! Still raining on and off here too, although Jack is at baseball practice. Nothing stops baseball practice.

26 03 2009
Jefe Anonymous

You were standing next to Lil’ Debbie at the concert? I would’ve been a little weak in the knees, too.

–El Jefe

31 03 2009

I love love love the picture of Colby at the piano. And I also love how he looks a ton like Doodle did at that age if I look at the computer sideways & squint. 😀

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