The Hotbed of All Fashion–ME!

25 03 2009

I posted the other day about my realization: I was wearing the same sweater I had worn on my seventeenth birthday.


Not, you know, that it looks like this:


Actually, it was more along these lines:


Except not that color, because no one makes clothes the color of my sweater anymore. It’s (and I hesitate to say this, but there it is) out.

No one mentioned that the reason I’m wearing an at least 14 year-old sweater is because I’m hopelessly out-of-date. Instead, there were many heartwarming comments: among which a couple of people mentioned I am still the same size (not exactly, though; everything was worn a little baggier back then) and that I have a timeless style (or else I have always dressed like an old lady).

My favorite, though, was from my cousin Kathleen, who reminded me of a theory we (I) had in my youth that all fashion originated from Idaho. She surmised that, apparently, the head of the fashion world has moved to Washington. We all know what that means: I must be the impetus of all fashion. It’s humbling, but true.

To prove this, I’ve found several pictures that indicate how cutting edge I truly am.


I apologize to any parents out there who despaired when their daughters wanted to wear lingerie as a shirt.


Funny story about turtlenecks: a month or so ago, we were invited to eat with some friends. Stan said to our hostess, “I don’t think anyone can pull off a turtleneck but you.” I started to laugh. I had worn a turtleneck to church the week previous.


dsc_00081 dsc_00102

I still have nightmares about the postage stamp-sized towels.


I’m in high school here. You’d think I would start to get a clue by now.

You’d be wrong, though.


This particular band trip, I found and bought a pair of mustard yellow pants with black pinstripes. They were hideous. My brother told me so, but I didn’t listen. I’m sorry, Sam.

As you can see, if fashion is following me, we’re all in trouble. On a brighter note, pretty much all I wear now-a-days is plain white t-shirts with jeans.

Except on those days I wear sweaters from the 90s.



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25 03 2009


25 03 2009

You are braver then I.

25 03 2009

Best.Post.Ever. The only thing that could have improved it is if you had included some photos of me. Where are my terrible fashion moments caught on film? I guess I’ll have to dig up my own.

26 03 2009

Ha ha! I loved it. Really, you were very trendy for the times. 😉 Especially for someone from idaho! I think we should all dig out our old photos and do a fashion post. I loved the peek into your youth.

26 03 2009
Mrs. Olsen

Okay that was a flashback. Idaho 80’s fashion was divine now wasn’t it? Thanks for posting.

P.S. Did you edit your photos in Picasa? I forgot to tell you that yes that is what I used and I love it. I can upload all my pics online and not worry about losing them, plus it’s free.

26 03 2009

That was great…and doubling socks was the BEST! Thanks for the laugh!

26 03 2009

Wow-you certainly have no shame. Those pics should have been destroyed years ago.

26 03 2009

But did you have KNICKERS? There’s a picture of me with my brown knickers, argyle socks and leather moccasins, complete with a bright red roach clip in my hair. I bet you didn’t have roach clips in Rexburg……dang, wish I had that picture.

Actually, you were probably still a baby when I was wearing my knickers….:)

26 03 2009

I am laughing OUT LOUD right now. so awesome!!
You know what, you need to post your school pictures because I remember being jealous that your hair was PERFECT in all of your school pictures – had that just-brushed look. I had no idea you were a turtleneck diva – I didn’t even notice. I was too busy envying your perfectly brushed hair.
When I look at the pictures from Easter (was it 2 yrs ago?) when you had us down to your house, I just think – we must have looked odd together growing up side by side – or rather side by knee. ha ha.

26 03 2009
steph anderson

Soooo funny. Brings back too many memories.

27 03 2009

I’ll also confess to still wearing a few things from high school (Ty, I’m NOT talking about those sunglasses).

I’ve learned that I don’t worry about going out of style if I’m never actually in style to begin with. . .

28 03 2009
Mrs. Olsen


Earth hour is honored in whatever time zone. 8:30-9:30. Here’s a link

Have a fabulous day.

30 03 2009

I’m right there with you – I am fashion challenged – so so fashion challenged. Well, I hope that do to a good friend who is helping me get a clue, that I am improving, but it has been VERY scary in the past. But I must say, I too am very impressed that you can even were a sweater you wore when you were 17 – I know I sure couldn’t!

8 04 2009

Oh the giggles and the laughs…and I was always super envous of your clothes which says……nevermind.

I still can’t believe people think I was “fashion backwards” just because I grew up in Rexburg!

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