4 04 2009

I know I had big plans on posting every day in April, but I’ve changed my mind. I need to take some time to focus my life a little bit and get grounded. So instead, I’m going to take April off. I probably won’t be commenting on your blogs, either, but it isn’t because I don’t care.

Happy April, everybody!



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4 04 2009

I will miss you!

4 04 2009

Good for you! Let me know how it goes. I’ll miss your blog and your comments but I hope it gives you what you need.

4 04 2009

Okay, Wendy-poo, wos’ up? You okay? Instead of holding off for the entire month – just sit down for 5 minutes a day and write as much as you can – set a timer. That way, you won’t miss out on journaling for your family and posterity! Don’t worry about the pics – just document the day (quickly) and get out and back to your family. (totally a suggestion!) But, we wuv you want you to take care of yourself!

What ever you decide will be PERFECT!

5 04 2009
Mrs. Olsen

Conference makes for good getting back to the roots grounded sessions. Hope all is well. Later!

7 04 2009

We support you, Wendy.

9 04 2009
Jefe Anonymous

Grounded? Were you out past curfew? Let’s see–the whole month of April (are we talking about just Fridays? Fridays AND Saturdays? [you may participate in the half-time performance because others are depending on you, but you may not remain after the game] Or, are we talking about the BIGGIE? ALL OF APRIL? How late WERE you? One half hour is two weeks straight, so….an hour late? Tsk, tsk. Good luck with dad.)

–love, jefe.

P.S. Ask Sam for coping tips.

30 04 2009

I had big plans too – and then the month hit, and I think I might have written a few times, but not many. Hope you enjoy your break and I can’t wait to have you back again!

1 05 2009
Mrs. Olsen


April is over. Let us know what you were enlightened with 😉

4 05 2009

Wendy….I miss you….please come back to the blogging world!

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