Who’s watching, again?

28 05 2009

Eden has recently been enthralled with the tweeny shows on the Disney Channel (Laugh Track, how I love thee!). Yes, I finally broke down and let her watch Hannah Montana. Yes, she can sing the theme song (with choreography). Is that bad?

An upstart of this is she now wants to go online at disneychannel.com or whatever (Playhouse Disney, I miss thee!). She printed this out the other day; it’s supposed to say “Please Do Not Disturb. I’m Watching The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” (those twins are hilarious), but the scissors went wrong somehow.


(Insert theme of The Twilight Zone here.) Creepy.



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28 05 2009

Maybe she wanted a non-specific “don’t bug me” kind of warning. We haven’t ventured into the tween scene yet. Mostly because I don’t know anything about any of those shows and I have no desire to sit down and watch to give my ok.

28 05 2009

I like Hannah Montana. I think that little kid who runs the store on the beach is really funny. And Hannah seems like a good girl. At least from the episode or two that I have seen.

“I’m watching”…that is really funny. Really scary. Really funny.

28 05 2009

Hi. So cute! We actually love those shows at our house, but some of us love them in secret. I like Hannah Montana and Katie and I want to see the movie that just came out.

28 05 2009

Ellie told me a few months ago that Daddy was watching hannah tannah. I didn’t understand her at first, then she said it again and suddenly it made sense. I asked him and he of course said that Ellie was watching it. I got a kick out of that especially since he has been know to not turn off disney once the prescholl shows are over and Suite life begins.

29 05 2009

So cute! Our kids love Zack & Cody too…, the tween shows are on often here!

29 05 2009

very creepy. (and funny)

The farthest from playhouse disney at our house is Phineas & Ferb (surprisingly good). Oh, and Anna didn’t go to a friends birthday party because it was a Hannah Montana party (I guess she doesn’t like Hannah Montana, but she hasn’t even seen it…) I’m sure we’ll be joining the tweeny club soon enough.

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