Carpal Thumbel

2 06 2009

Sometimes I wonder at my motivations.

Don’t I have enough trouble refereeing Wii turns and computer turns and television-show-watching turns?

Yes. I do.

So, why? What was I thinking when I said, “If the kids will earn enough money for half, we can get a Nintendo DS.”?

The world may never know.


But I just have to say that I totally rock Super Mario Brothers.



P.S. My thumb hurts. Apparently, intense video-gaming uses muscles (?) that don’t get used for anything else.




7 responses

2 06 2009

That’s funny. Make sure you do your thumb stretches!(?)

2 06 2009

Wanda, just buy 3. Really. It will make you so much happier.

2 06 2009

I’ve got a great visual of your kids being your thumb-muscle-training coaches.
“And one! and two! and one! and two!
I don’t know but I’ve been told,
Things get hard when you get old!”

2 06 2009

kids must have big thumb muscles
oh, and don’t ever buy Purr Pals, there’s a reason it’s only $15.

2 06 2009

I actually think buying Ethan a DS was the best thing we ever did. It is a fantastic motivator. I haven’t played it enough to get video game thumb but after I bought my new phone my pinkies were killing me for a week. It took me awhile to figure out that it was from how I was holding my phone.

3 06 2009

sweet! One more thing to use as leverage to get them motivated. Mine just lost his for one month….I”m considering buying myself the game brain age and playing it during that month!

6 06 2009

It’s good to get them started young. I love video games and look how good I turned out (despite some rough years in between).

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