How Cute is THAT?

8 06 2009

Our dear nursery leader at church is now going to be our dear Relief Society president. She made gifts for all the nursery kids:

 C doll

It’s a Colby doll! Rainbow loves it. She carries it around and puts it in her stroller. Colby still prefers his stinky dolphin (but he’d rather have his dolphin than me, and that’s saying something). Completely darling, isn’t it?

Thanks, Sister R–we’ll miss you in nursery!

(Sorry about the picture quality. I’m trying to figure out our old camera.)




8 responses

8 06 2009

Nursery Leaders past and present will be in the highest place in the Celestial Kingdom. No one deserves it more.

8 06 2009

THAT… adorable! What a great idea!

8 06 2009

Way adorable! I want a Camdon doll haha!

9 06 2009

Now she’ll have to make one of every RS sister. It is adorable!

9 06 2009
Jefe Anonymous

I beg to differ, Candice.

I am a scoutmaster.

That is all.


P.S.–okay, that is not all. What’s wrong with your new camera, Wanda?

10 06 2009

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for taking time out to vote for Berta at my blog. Looks like she has a good chance of winning.

The personal hand made doll is so cute.

I’ve just been reading a bit of your blog. I hope your fingers are use to the DS now and no longer sore. You made me laugh as my children have given their grandmother a DS addiction.

10 06 2009

What Jefe says is true. I think that scoutmasters may have a higher place than Nursery Leaders. Bishops come after that.

10 06 2009

that doll is almost as cute as your boy! And that’s saying a lot!!

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